Сossacks 3. Classic RTS with support mods and will be available on Steam

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We spoke with Valentine Yeltyshev, company’s PR and marketing director, and found out what the company can boast for today, and some details about the new game.

GSC Game World is known for its, literally, legendary games "Cossacks" and "S.T.A.L.K.E.R", has announced the beginning of work on a new project, which was officially presented on May 18, 2015. This project is the reincarnation of the real-time strategy, which brought fame to the studio. New game is called "Cossacks 3" and its release is expected by end of this year. We spoke with Valentine Yeltyshev, company’s PR and marketing director, and found out what the company can boast for today, and some details about the new game. Also chek out new screenshots with units formations and artillery.

What were the main challenges faced by the company after the resumption of the work?


In fact, the company has not ceased to exist. It was only the development studio that was closed. A year and a half ago we gathered a team that can rebirth "Cossacks". There weren’t any problems. Our main achievement is our experienced team, which can handle this task.

How many employees who previously worked in the company, have returned back?


It's great that some of the "old men", who participated in the creation of the very first "Cossacks", have returned to team. This is important, because the new game will be very similar in terms of gameplay. All other team members are not new to the gaming industry and took part in several finished projects.


"Cossacks" is a symbolic game, especially for players from CIS countries. But why did you decide to revive it, instead of working on a sequel of much more famous " S.T.A.L.K.E.R"?


We love RTS genre. Current team has extensive experience in development of games in this genre. We have wanted long to revive "Cossacks" series, and now we have right conditions for this. We feel our strength and confidence to create great game that fans are waiting since 2001.

Do you plan to distribute the game through Steam?


Yes, of course, Steam - is the main game distribution system for today. However, "Cossacks 3" will be released on disk, for “classics” fans.



Will there be any competitive component in "Cossacks 3"? Can we expect online achievements system, ranking, etc?


Release version will use Steam in-built tools for this, and future development in this area is possible. We will follow players feedback and change the game and its components in one direction or another.


What are the main differences between "Cossacks 3" and its predecessor, except, of course, the new graphics engine?


"Cossacks 3" gameplay is very similar to the first part. The main difference is a new, fully three-dimensional, engine, AI, single-player campaign and a powerful toolkit for developing custom modifications.



Nowadays, many players focus on MOBA games. Don’t you think that the RTS’s times have gone? 


We are confident that the classic RTS’s time is not gone. A large number of RTS fans are left on their own, because there are almost no new games in this genre. I mean classic RTS with economical part, base construction, army, etc, all in real time. It is time to correct this injustice :)

Can we expect a "live" presentation of the game in Kiev?


It is possible. We already have an invitation from the organizers of the IT-exhibition and we will look if the game will be ready.



Do you have any plans for the next projects?


It is hard to say. We didn’t think about it yet. We are fully focused on the completion and release of "Cossacks 3", then we plan to full further game development, mods support, add-ons, etc. But we have extensive plans!


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