Red Dead Redemption 2: Which Edition Should You Get?

Nov 09 2019 2 min read

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Red Dead Redemption 2 might just be one of the best games of the year. Ever since it was released a couple of weeks ago, it quickly took over the world. This game offers a unique gameplay experience where the player can dive into the world of the wild west. There are tons of things to do here such as heists, riding trains, completing a mission, and even finding some of the easter eggs (there are tons of them).

Having said that, the most important thing to do before you begin is to choose the right edition of reading Red Redemption 2 for you. Luckily, the standard version already offers a lot so that it might be enough for the vast majority of players. Let's take a look and see what can you get in each version.

The Standard Edition

Of course, the first thing we need to cover is the standard edition. It includes access to the base game, as well as to Red Dead Online. Currently, the game is selling for around $59.99, but it is possible to find it cheaper.

The Special  Edition

The special edition is a little bit more pricy at $79.99, but we believe that it's well worth it. If you get it, you will have access to a couple of weapons and bonus content to your Story Mode, which is pretty cool. Of course, you will also receive everything else that you get with the standard edition. Here are the bonuses for the Story Mode:

  • The black Thoroughbred horse
  • Talisman for in-game bonuses
  • A bank robbery mission
  • Different gameplay boosts, cash bonuses and more
  • New outfits
  • Bonus access to weapons

The Ultimate Edition

The last version that's currently available is the Ultimate Edition, and it has every single bonus from the previous editions and adds to them. If you buy the "physical copy" of the game from GameStop, you will also get a steelbook case. Of course, this does come at a price - $99.99. Here are some of the bonuses that you can get in Red Dead Online:

  • Free access to the camp theme
  • Free access to Volcanic Pistol, Lancaster Rifle, and Pump Shotgun
  • Different rank bonuses
  • Copperhead Outfit
  • Blackrose Hunter Outfit

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