Red Dead Redemption 2 had the biggest opening weekend in gaming ever

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Red Dead Redemption 2 had the biggest opening weekend in the history of games

With $725 million in sales, it’s the second greatest game release in entertainment industry

BusinessWire reports that during the first three days of sales Red Dead Redemption 2 raised over $725 million in retail worldwide. The game is now second-highest grossing entertainment launch, trailing behind Grand Theft Auto V, another Rockstar Games hit. It’s not a big surprise after the reports of people standing in a queue for hours to be the first to purchase it.

In the first 3 days of sales GTA V managed to raise a whopping $1 billion but since it was released in the middle of a business week, the title of greatest weekend launch has been somewhat vacant. Rockstar is proud to fill this niche with its new game about cowboys.

Sony Interactive Entertainment confirmed that Red Dead Redemption 2 sales are enormous, stating that the title set new records in PlayStation Network for:

• Highest pre-orders
• Highest day one sales
• Highest sales for the first three days in the market

RDR 2 has excellent reviews and even the criticism it received speaks more about the modern problems of games overall, than about this title's flaws.

The game is a console exclusive for now and Rockstar hasn’t confirmed plans to do a Windows port. PC gamers remain hopeful as mobile companion app hints that they will get the game sooner or later.

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