Red Bull Kumite 2019 LCQ results

Dec 21 2019 2 min read

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Annual Street Fighter invitational, Red Bull Kumite 2019 is here, but this year’s edition isn’t quite like the others. The tournament has moved from Paris, France to Nagoya, Japan, and is holding in December instead of its customary springtime date.

With the recent addition of V-Skill 2 to Street Fighter V ahead of the rest of Champion Edition, the event brings with it several unknown factors that could see anyone take the victory. The Last Chance Qualifier has just ended with 248 players competing for the final spot in the main event. Several great players took this opportunity to try and qualify, but in the end, only one can make it. 

Here are the top 8 final LCQ standings:

  • 1. Kubo "stormKUBO" Arashi - Team iXA

  • 2. Seonwoo "Infiltration" Lee

  • 3. Kenpi 

  • 4. Ryo "Dogura" Nozaki - CYCLOPS athlete gaming

  • 5. Naoki "moke" Nakayama

  • 5. Hiromiki "Itabashi Zangief" Kumada - DetonatioN Gaming

  • 7. Benoit "Gunfight" Arquilla - Team iXA

  • 7. Inaba (Team iXA)

Seonwoo "Infiltration" Lee made his return to the Street Fighter V competitive scene after imposing a self-ban following domestic abuse allegations leveled against him in 2018. Although he didn’t compete in Street Fighter V, Infiltration did take first place in Samurai Shodown at EVO 2019 in August.

The Korean was knocked into the losers bracket after a 0-2 defeat at the hands of Japanese player Kenpi in the Semifinals. Infiltration then fought his way through the losers bracket to have a rematch against kenpi in the Losers Finals, and this time he won, 3-1.

stormKUBO had a tough time keeping Infiltration's Menat at bay which cost him the first set, 1-3. Following the bracket reset, things at first looked like they would be a repeat of the first set. However, stormKUBO soon turned things around after Infiltration switched to Ed. The deciding match ended 3-2.

The 15 pro players invited to participate in Red Bull Kumite Japan 2019 are:

  • Victor "Punk" Woodley - Team Reciprocity

  • Masato "Bonchan" Takahashi - Red Bull eSports

  • Hajime "Tokido" Taniguchi - Rohto

  • Benjamin "Problem X" Simon - mousesports

  • Tsunehiro "gachikun" Kanamori - Red Bull eSports

  • Atsushi "Fujimura" Fujimura - Fudoh

  • Daigo "The Beast" Umehara - Cygames Beast

  • Adel "Big Bird" Anouche - NASR eSports

  • Olivier "Luffy" Hay - Red Bull eSports

  • DC "Infexious" Coleman - Cygames Beast

  • Hiroki "kichipa-mu" Asano - AZ Corporation

  • Gustavo "801 Strider" Romero - SonicBoxx

  • Houmaid "Takamura" Rabie

  • YHC-Mochi

  • Haku 

Just like the Last Chance Qualifier, the main event will run on Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, bringing fans crazy new setups as the update was only just released this past week. You can catch up on all the action on Red Bull’s Twitch and YouTube channels.


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