Recent Netflix backlash prompted a black Ciri Mod for Witcher 3

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Recent Netflix backlash prompted a black Ciri Mod for Witcher 3

Being a lesbian isn’t enough, Ciri also needs to represent an ethnic minority

If you’ve read The Witcher book series or played the games by CD Projekt RED you know that Netflix is making a show about Gerald of Rivia, the renowned monster hunter. The project is still in early stages of production, but it’s already surrounded by controversies and outrage.

At first, fans were disappointed when Variety leaked that the actor playing the main protagonist of the show will be Henry Cavill (Superman). For many people Zach McGowan seemed to be the perfect fit for the Witcher.

The most recent scandal began when a UK-based agency posted an ad searching a minority ethnic actress to play Ciri. Seems like series showrunner Lauren Hissrich wants to cover all the bases with this character and provide a representative of both LBQT community (Ciri is lesbian in the original book series by Andrzej Sapkowski) and ethnic “minority”.

Mr. Sapkowski himself is happy about the idea to include actors with different ethnic backgrounds in the project.

For some fans though, a black Ciri is a step in the wrong direction. A contributor of NexusMods recently posted a Witcher 3 mod called “Netflix Ciri”. The mod has a short description saying: “A new Ciri texture to make the game more diverse” and it makes Cirilla black.

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