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Reason Gaming have added former Cursive member Jonas "netrick" Wenzelsen to their squad 

Reason made headlines at the start of the month as they secured the services of a new Danish CS:GO squad following the disbandment of their previous roster, which had faced multiple lineup problems-

Last week, the team were seen playing in QuickShot Arena #14 with Jonas "netrick" Wenzelsen as a stand-in, which immediately led to suggestions that the former Cursive member would sign a permanent deal with the UK-based organisation.

The move has now been confirmed to by Sebastian "larsen" Larsen, who added that Martin "percy" Wessel has been given his marching orders.

"After we kicked percy, we tried out my former team-mate netrick. We feel that he fits in the team really well and that he is what we needed.

"We will focus on practicing a lot, and then we will probably participate in cups such as Dingit and Quick Shot."

Reason Gaming now have:

  • Sebastian "larsen" Larsen
  • Nikolaj "EXR" Therkildsen
  • Peter "Inzta" Kragelund
  • Kristian "tabac0" Simonsen
  • Jonas "netrick" Wenzelsen


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