Razer unveiled a $250 “gaming” router

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Razer unveiled a $250 “gaming” router

The special feature of the Razer Sila is prioritization of gaming packets

Razer has all kinds of products for gamers, from keyboards and mice to laptops and even a gaming Android phone. Someone on the company management team thought it would be a good idea to push gamer routers on the market, so here we are.

Meet Razer Sila - a $250 “gaming” router that hits worldwide markets today. This network device has tri-band AC3000 radio, able to transmit 1,734 Mbps using 5Ghz band, which should be enough to cut the cord on a gaming laptop while streaming. Theoretically it can achieve a whooping 2,999 Mbps speed if all 3 bands (2.4GHz, 5GHz-1 and 5GHz-2) are used simultaneously, but it’s not something you’ll find use for in your house.

As usual with Razer products, there is a whole suite of special features and applications for simple management.

Razer CEO and creative director Min-Liang Tan said:

We are constantly achieving new performance heights with our hardware and software. But high precision and low latency can be rendered useless if the Wi-Fi drops. So we took the next step to develop a strong foundation for our ecosystem — with Wi-Fi that just works no matter where you are.

The “special sauce” of Razer Sila is its "FastTrack" QoS engine which prioritizes gaming related network packets. In theory, it should improve in-game latency in scenarios like when someone is watching YouTube near you.

Razer engineers believe it’s really time to cut the cord and provided only 3 LAN ports instead of the usual 4. Sila also has 2 USB ports for the support of external devices, such as printers and USB sticks.

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