Rangchu shares his Tekken 7 Season 3 tier list

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Rangchu shares his Tekken 7 Season 3 tier list

Leroy sits at the top with Fahkumram at the bottom

In a recent livestream, South Korean pro gamer, Hyeon-ho “Rangchu” Jeong joined Akio "Jona" Jona and Keita "Kagemaru" Takemoto to share his Tekken 7 Season 3 tier list. 

Season 3 DLC characters Leroy Smith and Fahkumram are at opposing ends of the list, with the Wing Chun master occupying S+ alone while the Muay Thai fighter languishes in X tier at the bottom. The Katarina and Panda main also had his picks sitting snug in the middle at B tier. A testament to his skill level. 

Rangchu placed Jona's main, Nina in C tier and Kagemaru's main, Jack in A tier. Meanwhile, guest characters Negan and Noctis reside in B tier while Geese and Akuma sit just below Leroy in S tier. 

The Tekken World Tour 2018 champion is considered a very skilled player that uses generally average characters to finish in the top 8 at major tournaments. 

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