Rambo praises Riot’s “Project A” FPS

Oct 24 2019 2 min read

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As a part of its 10th anniversary, Riot Games revealed several games that it has been developing. One of these games is Project A, Riot’s upcoming FPS which feels like a mix between hero shooters like Overwatch and the more realistic CS:GO

Riot has said very little about the game after its reveal, but they have given a couple of people the game to play.  One of such people is Ronald “Rambo” Kim, an American CS:GO coach and former Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Source player. His experience makes him the perfect candidate to try out a new FPS and Rambo had good things to say about Project A. In a YouTube video, Rambo shares as much information about the game as he can without leaking anything he shouldn't.

Rambo was invited by Riot Games to attend an exclusive playtesting event with nine other pro gamers. Together, they shared an extensive background in competitive multiplayer FPS such as Call of Duty, Counter-Strike and Quake 3. They spent five days playing together, with the first three dedicated to learning its mechanics and characters. They used the last two days for competitive play in a tournament setting.

Unable to share any specifics, Rambo said his crosshairs always hit where he was aiming because hitboxes were so clean. He also praised its pacing and mentioned Riot’s efforts to eliminate the “peeker advantage”, which is an exploit players use to peek around corners and then quickly find cover. Rambo gives the impression that gameplay feels like Counter-Strike but with heroes and abilities. Coming from a Counter-Strike background, he spent most of the video comparing it to the game he’s proficient in, three iterations of Counter-Strike.

It is clear Project A is designed to be an esports title, but its more in the vein of CS:GO than Overwatch. Rambo’s interest in the game could mean that many CS:GO fans could take a liking to it too. Although not confirmed, he goes on to state that the game will probably have a public beta sometime in the next six weeks. It’s not clear whether his assumption is based on the game’s level of polish or something more concrete, but it does give those that are curious something to look forward to soon.


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