Rainbow Six Siege Beginners Guide — Part 2

Sep 13 2019 10 min read

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Hello! WePlay! Headquarters reporting, Rainbow Six Siege Beginners Guide Part Two. The first one is here — we've covered the game's basics and how to start. Also, recently, Ubisoft has launched a new season called Ember Rise. They brought an update to the Kanal map, two new Operators, and a battle pass. We have already reviewed it, click on the link if interested.

So, you have spend a lot of time fighting bots, dared to play against living people, and even returned here for the next part of the training. Fine. Let's discuss everything in order: R6S game styles and map roles, several influential and popular Operators, and how to play them.

Operators' roles in Rainbow Six Siege

Have you already tried a few Operators? In the first part of the guide, we advised starting with Thatcher, Ash, Thermite, Montagne, Sledge, IQ at attack and Smoke, Pulse, Rook, Jager, Kapkan, Bandit, and Mute at defense. Now, we will take a more in-depth look into the tactical part of the game. You may have noticed that certain Operators better suit for different tasks such as approaching from the flank, attacking the forehead, working on devices, giving info, and so on. That's right: Rainbow Six Siege has a whole bunch of roles to familiarize yourself with. Of course, only five people can participate in a match, so all roles cannot be taken — but it is not necessary. On the one hand, this is a roulette: predict the opponent's pick and counter it. On the other hand, choose your own strong squad and do not give a chance to outplay yourself.

Choose the suitable style based on what interests you: defending deeply, running around the map, playing with devices, giving info, killing, camping, etc. And then pick up the Operators for yourself from the list below.

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Let's talk about the attacking side. Roughly speaking, attackers' tasks are divided as follows: direct (armored), flank (fast and quiet) and support. But there is a more sophisticated arrangement. Let's take a look at which goals are Operators more suitable for and then determine the leading roles in Siege.

Hard/Soft Breachers

The former knows how to break even the fortified walls, and the latter are more suitable for attacking from the flanks or rear.

  1. Thermite can burn through walls, cause damage, and have flashbangs.

  2. Hibana runs with a grenade launcher. Its charges can create a small hole in the walls. It is better to use them on hatches because creating a human-size hole requires all three charges.

  3. Maverick is equipped with a gas burner which burns through the fortified walls. Lifehack: move the burner around the perimeter of any shape, and the center will fall off. Favela's best pick: climb along the wall, burn a hole, and shoot the opponents.

  4. Sledge's sledgehammer can quickly and loudly break down unfortified walls and walkways. He's suitable for quick attacks but needs cover.

  5. Buck has got an under-barrel shotgun that can handle walls no worse.

  6. Ash is a speedy red-haired beast. Her grenade launcher pierces simple walls from afar.

  7. Amaru has just arrived, but her grapple hook helps her to fly into the windows and hatches from the street or a distance. Be sure to combine attacks from different passages and do not fall into traps.

Electronic counters

These Operators are armed with devices that help get rid of the opponent's electronics.

  1. Thatcher carries three EMR grenades. They disable and/or destroy the enemy's gadgets.

  2. IQ is using DED to detect electronics through the walls. Tactics: go to the spot/hostage with the squad, give information on traps, and run away to attack from the rear. Lifehack: in combination with Dokkaebi's ability, can see the enemy through the walls.

  3. Twitch uses a shock-bot. It can't jump but shoots electric charges, damaging Operators by ten health points (can kill or finish off!) and breaking the electronics.

Let's note comrade Fuze. His "matryoshkas" cause damage, break small holes in the walls, and have a large radius of action. He can be both Hard Breach and Electronic counter. Often, his ability is used to neutralize devices and clean the rooms from gadgets.

Planting & Covering 

The best Operators to plant charges are the shieldmen or the swift-footed Capitao and Ying.

  1. Capitao is ideal for installing a deactivator. His crossbow has two incendiary and two smoke charges. Tactics: ask someone to break through the wall, block the passageways with smoke or fire, set a defuse, step back and wait for the opponent to go to the point, hit again with fire or hide the deactivator with smoke, and then just spit it with your machine gun.

  2. Ying has Candella balls. Throws these stun bombs, break in, and install or cover the shielder. 

  3. Take the shielders to set the charge: Fuze, Blitz, and Montagne will do. Plant it, sit down and wait. Playing as a shielder, you need to gain time, not kill! Lifehack: when installing, hide the shield on the back as it will save you from a random bullet.

The following Operators will protect and cover during defusing and will resist the defenders' counterattacks.

  1. Blackbeard mounts a shield on his weapon. You won't kill him with a headshot, so pick from the corners. Tactics: Maverick can create a gap not only for himself but also for the allied Blackbeard.

  2. Glaz can throw smoke bombs and see through them with a thermal imager.

  3. Finka has the ability that increases HP and decreases recoil and cooldown timings. Equip a machine gun and pour it on the opponent's head so they would be afraid.

Картинки по запросу r6s attackers arts

Info Gathering + Traps/Flank watch

The characters below are real hunters. They can track the enemy and set traps. The traps themselves when playing for the attack are a kind of cover/space creation. Try to remember where you set the trap in order to understand which one worked. Information is an essential step toward success.

  1. Lion lightens enemies with EE-One-D but only if they move during activation.

  2. Jackal reads the tracks with his Eyenox. A very long-term ability, in rating games and tournaments he is almost constantly banned — a great counterpick to roamers, and especially Caveira.

  3. Dokkaebi hacks phones, so we can hear the enemies. Mobile phones can be hacked and access to cameras but only through the dead enemy's device.

  4. Gridlock sets Trax traps. Something between the barbed wire and Frost's: they do damage and make noise.

  5. Nomad uses Airjabs: stunning traps that knock the enemy down. They make a lot of noise.

  6. Nokk is not visible to cameras and remains silent when the ability is on. Great for attacking from behind, but you need to wait for the right moment.

Feel free to use claymores. They maybe are noticeable but cause a lot of damage and make it clear to the enemy that the team is on the alert.


Everyone in the defense team also has a role, and for the most part, they mirror the attackers. They are divided into three types: defense, roam, and support.

Картинки по запросу r6s attackers arts

Hard breach/Plant denials

These Operators counter Breachers and Planters. Their task is to prevent point breaching and also not to allow to control the spot from the outside.

  1. Bandit installs UPT-1, which conduct current on metal surfaces: reinforced walls and barbed wire. The attackers get shocked, and the devices break. 
  2. Kaid also electrifies surfaces, but with special sticky devices.
  3. Mute places jammers. They not only turn off the drones but also blind Jackal, cameras and most devices, including some punch ones.

  4. Smoke throws toxic gas cylinders. You can block the passages, windows, and effectively deal with shields.

  5. Echo controls two Yokai flying drones. They shoot a shockwave that knocks down an opponent. Like Jackal, a frequently banned guy in the ranking.

  6. Maestro controls two Evil Eye armored cameras. They see through smoke and shoot with electric charges. Tactics: install cameras on points and prevent attackers from planting — a great way to gain time with the ability to knock down an enemy.


Traps kill, make noise, injure, drop and slow down opponents.

  1. Kapkan places MK-II contact mines on doors, passages, and windows. Lifehack: set the traps by holding down the sit down button so that they don't catch the enemy's eye.

  2. Ela's bombs stun the enemy for several seconds. Be cautious! The explosion also stuns allies.

  3. Frost sets Bear traps on the floor. They instantly knock down the opponent. An excellent pick for dark maps with lots of textures on the floor like Theme Park, Tower, and Hereford.

  4. Lesion throws GU. The enemy steps on an invisible trap and takes damage until the poison is removed. Also, the opponent can not run and place the defuser until he gets rid of the wound.

Roamers и Info gathering

These Ops collect information about everything. Roamers run deep into the map to look for an open frag and Info Gatherers place devices and take positions in defense.

  1. Vigil is invisible to cameras and jams the enemy drones but does not turn them off.

  2. Caveira is the true embodiment of a hunter. She can move silently, and a knocked-down enemy can e tortured n order to get the information about the whereabouts of the entire team.

  3. Jager is armed with the only defense assault rifle, and his gadgets destroy any grenades thrown near. Tactics: quickly establish ADS and go to places from which you can take opponents fleeing the attack: windows and doors opposite the enemy's spawn spots.

  4. Valkyrie throws sticky cameras. Tactics: wait for the round to start, run outside and throw cameras near the point.

  5. Mozzie attaches mini drones that hack the rival bots and allow them to be controlled.

  6. Clash carries a massive shield which also causes electricity damage. Could be easily outplayed one on one but when paired with someone — an impenetrable thing.

  7. Alibi projects three holograms. They highlight enemies when getting stepped on or hit with a bullet.

  8. Pulse has a heart rate sensor. He sees through the walls but not too far.

  9. Mira is a solid defender. Her SMG is one of the best in the game (spray control, high damage, rate of fire), she can put a bulletproof glass-breach in reinforced walls: on the one side it is transparent, on the other is not.


They play deep at the point, take damage, and fight off straight attacks.

  1. Rook is not very fast, but he distributes breastplates to everyone. A right choice for a beginner. He has an ACOG scope, which allows you to shoot enemies well through the windows while they are running from the spawn.

  2. Doc can heal allies and raise the wounded from a distance. Also armed with ACOG’s.

  3. Castle strengthens doors and windows with impenetrable curtains.

  4. Tachanka is now not in meta, and as Ubisoft says: "We won't rework the character because he is already historically important." However, a correctly installed and fortified DP-28 with a hinged shield can completely block a particular area.

  5. Goyo is also a new one here, but his subversive shield is great to install in passages. Just don't shield hostages and Tachanka as the shields will explode.

Картинки по запросу r6s attackers arts

Source: Reddit

Rainbow Six Siege Players' Roles

Players have macro roles, though. They're a bit easier than Operators,' but still, they need some intelligence to choose correct characters. So, when picking, there are three positions: Fragger, Support, and Semi-support.


Fraggers' task is not trivial: making frags. These players work with the information that the supports give. Playing as a fragger, you need to smash all the defense gadgets in your path, be prepared to shoot heads from around the corner and throw grenades if you cannot figure out what to do. You also need to cover the planter or defuser. In defense, fraggers drag out time, spaw-peak, break bots and prevent opponents from taking good positions. Fraggers need to be speedy and have good weapons.


These guys should try to give any possible information about the enemy so that Fraggers can do their job. This is due both to work on cameras and sounds and with the use of Operators' abilities. It's hard to be a Support because you need to know the map A to Z, be able to explain the opponent's position, read his actions and not get lost in the heat of battle, you need to know the spots and textures of the map where drones can ride, be able to endure and keep calm. You need useful characters who will go into battle in the second wave here: Thermite, Hibana, Lion, Mira, Smoke, Maestro, and all those whose gadgets will be extremely useful for victory.


A symbiosis of the first two roles. Playing as a semi, you need to be able to give info through cameras and shoot to kill. But first of all, the player of this position is a Support and only acts as Fragger situationally. For example, if your team's Fraggers were quickly eliminated. Buck, Zofia, Ying, Mute, Lesion are great.

Besides, do not forget about the captain of the team: IGL stands for in-game leader. This is not a separate role; it is rather a duty. This player gives instructions during the match, directs the actions of his mates, analyzes the opponent at the very moment, and creates unusual tactics.

Each team also has a coach. And while IGL solves issues in the micro-moment, the coach works at the macro level: studying the opponent's overall style, creating homework tactics, working on the psychology of players, and managing the roster.

That's all, folks. But get ready for the third part! We will tell more about the plot of the game, MMR games and tournaments there, and we will also make a series of materials on how to play on the current competitive maps.



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