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May 16 2019 3 min read

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Despite all the obvious imperfections of Rage 2, it is difficult to deny the fact that the shooter mechanics and the elaboration of weapons in it are perfectly executed and they are the reason that the project deserves the attention genre connoisseurs. Most of the interesting weapons are located in the so-called "Arks", where the player will face serious resistance from opposing groups and mutants. Below we talked about where you can find all the available guns.

Sidewinder Revolver and Ranger Assault Rifle 

Location: Starting locations

Sidewinder Revolver and Ranger Assault Rifle are the default weapons, which in any case are given at the initial stages of the game.

Pistols in first-person shooters are usually a rather dubious choice, but Sidewinder is not the case. It will be useful even in the later stages (especially at high levels of complexity) when the ammunition of more powerful arsenal representatives suddenly comes to an end.

Ranger Assault Rifle is perhaps the most versatile weapon in the game with decent indicators of damage and rate of fire. 

Combat Shotgun

Location: Ark-402a (underneath Gunbarrel, story-related Ark)


This weapon also cannot be missed while completing the story quest. During one of the first tasks, your character gets into the Ark located at the Gunbarrel, where one will get access to this item of equipment.

Combat shotgun is incredibly useful at short range and against fast opponents, who rapidly change their position.

Smart Rocket Launcher

Location: Strongbox Ark 


Smart Rocket Launcher can be found in the Ark on the Ragged Plains is great for destroying bosses and large concentrations of enemies. The location is guarded by opponents of the fourth level, so it is not difficult to clean it up.

The gun has two shooting modes: a standard single rocket with a free sight and a homing missile. Initially, you can carry with you only 15 charges, and therefore you should not spend ammunition imprudently.

Grav-Dart Launcher

Location: Needle Falls Ark 


Needle Falls Ark is patrolled by opponents of level 7, who may already be a serious threat to the player.

Grav-Dart Launcher is an automatic rifle that shoots darts. An ordinary shot marks opponents, and alternative fire pulls the selected object (or subject) to the target. Gravity!

Firestorm Revolver

Location: Dank Catacomb Ark


This location is also guarded by level 7 enemies.

Firestorm Revolver fires single shots of heavy ammunition, which can later be blown up by pressing a key. In the alternative mode, the weapon drops mines that are activated when someone touches it.


Location: Greenhaven Ark 


The Greenhaven Ark is located near the northern edge of the map in the Wildlands. It can rightly be called the most difficult of all because inside, you will find not only a crowd of thugs but also Cyberthug.

Hyper-cannon is essentially a railgun. It can break a crowd of enemies in one shot. Alternative fire mode allows you to make a "charged" shot with even more damage.

Charged Pulse Cannon

Location: Shrouded Vault Ark (need to complete Shrouded Sub Station Alpha and Bravo first)


Shrouded Vault Ark is located in the east of the Sea of Dunes. This is the only Ark where you will require not only to clear the location of the enemies but first destroy the reactors at the Alpha and the Bravo Substations to clear the way. At these locations, enemies of level four are waiting for you, and in the treasury itself — level six.

Charged Pulse Gun releases energy charges and has a high rate of fire. This is probably the best weapon in the game, which is second only to the Ranger Assault Rifle in terms of practicality. 

Doom BFG-9000

Location: Meteor Crash Site 


This weapon is currently available only to owners of the Deluxe Edition and Collector’s Edition. Later, the publisher may well add it as an in-game purchase, but so far no such plans have been reported.

BFG-9000 can be found on the site of the fall of the meteorite, near Vineland. You know what it does.

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