RAGE 2 - Factions: The Authority

May 18 2019 3 min read

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The main story of Rage 2 is about a dystopian future with a touch of cyberpunk and anarchy. It is reasonable that the protagonist's and his allies main enemy is a wicked government modification. The game's creators boldly call them "notorious villains" and "elite monsters". In comparison with the enemies in the first part, the power of the Authorities has grown, and now its followers are planning an open clash with the people of the Wasteland. 

What do you need to know about the wars with the faction?

Authorities origins date back to a time long before the events of Rage 1. After Apophis catastrophe destroyed the existing civilisation, a group of military men led by Martin Cross gathered in one of the headquarters. The clique has implemented its own plan to create a dominant force on the remains of humanity. Armymen captured one of the most intelligent arks and rewrote computer's tasks to open the ark to a new world, but after the first wave of consequences had subsided. Having awakened from a long sleep, the group began creating its own army, which included the captured survivors super-soldiers, who were the experiment of genetic engineering. The technology of creating these soldiers was incomplete, and with a high per cent, soldiers grown in vitro turned into real monsters, set with cybernetic implants. The number of these creatures is increasing continuously, and Authorities' troops have long been reminiscent of a perverted freak show. 

At the end of the first part, Nicolas Rain managed to awaken the Ark inhabitants and made them join with the Resistance guys for war against the Authorities. It took many years to get rid of the monstrous growth on the fresh skin of the new Earth. There was the victory, but the enemy had disappeared without a trace. It turned out that the Authorities simply sneaked and were actively licking their wounds, preparing for a real invasion to the world. They needed time, and they got it — now the war can turn into real destruction. 

Faction leader – general Cross

A living specimen of genetic engineering, stuffed with cybernetics, he is so ugly that you don't even want us to spoil about his appearance. The impression will be stronger if you see it yourself without hints and googling. Compared to the first part, where Cross acted from behind the scenes being a cunning manipulator of political events on the Wasteland, in the sequel, he will appear more often on the battlefield. Players will have a chance to meet him in action and test his cyber armour durability. 

Where to meet the Authorities and how to fight them?

The destruction of Vinland, one of the key strongholds of the civilised world in the Wastelands, showed that the faction is not joking. The Authorities systematically sends powerful detachments of soldiers, genetically modified and equipped with mighty weapons, to search for any Ark survivors. They do know neither pity, nor retreat so they will have to fight not for life, but death. Dropships can occur anywhere in the world, and the Wastelands themselves are filled with guard turrets.

The best tactic to confront this faction is sabotaging, attacking from the back and dynamic movement. You will fight with the Authorities constantly, as the main story wants it badly.

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