RAGE 2 – Cheat Codes List and How to Unlock

May 15 2019 3 min read

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Rage 2 got rid of many of the problems of the original game, including the excessive narration and gameplay seriousness. The developers have provided an opportunity to bring more fun and permissiveness to the gameplay using various cheat codes, but to activate them you will need to understand a little about local geography and save up some cash.

How to unlock cheat codes?

You don't need to memorize or re-enter the codes after initial use, they remain forever in a special section of the menu. Just visit Wasteland Wizard, Mangoo the Unborn, he will help you.

Where to find Wasteland Wizard?

In fact, Mangoo is one of the merchants, but, unlike the others, he does not have a definite location and will constantly move around the world. His home is equipped with three huge balloons that are not only a way of transportation but also perfectly suited for the role of a landmark to search for. When approaching the location, the Wizard will be marked with a special symbol on the global map. In other cases, there will be no hints to find him. 

We've made a list of several spots where you can find this merchant. If you can't succeed — we recommend that you proceed to the nearest settlement or load your save-file. 

  • Mangoo the Unborn can sometimes appear Northwest of the Eden Space Center in the southeast corner of the Broken Tract, one of the main missions wants you to go there also.

  • He can also appear near The Edge, a Bandit Den in the south-central area of the Broken Tract amid some winding hilly roads.

  • Mangoo the Unborn likes the swamps of the Sekreto Wetlands in the bottom southeast corner of the region, north of the Squelch Bandit Den.

  • He could be found at a clearing between two roadways leading out of the swamps, and south of the Desert Kindling Pit Stop, and the area borders the Broken Tract region.

  • The far-eastern side of The Wilds, in a shallow lake island below the Abadon Sanctum — the site of a Ranger Echo. To the East from Dreadwood town, nearby Authority Sentry. 

Cheat codes list and prices 

Owners of the Deluxe Edition automatically get access to some cheat codes from the very beginning but do not receive anything exclusive. Here is a list of all that is available at the time of release (the authors later promised to expand this list): 

Cheat CodeCostEffect
Klegg Support$0Summons a friendly ally to help you in combat
Progress Booster$500Doubles all Feltrite collected for 4 hours. (Consumable)
Red Barrel Rain$2,000Drops in a cluster of explosive red barrels in front of you.
Son of Thor$2,000Strikes you with lightning, which you can redirect to your enemies and electrocute them.
Super Overdrive$1,000Boosts the power of your Overdrive ability.
Super Phoenix$1,000Massively boosts the power of your car, the Phoenix. Grants infinite ammo with no overheating, infinite boosting, and becomes impervious to damage.
Super Wingstick$1,000Unleashes a spinning blade that tracks and cuts down enemies on its own.
Voice Pack - Diamond Geezer$,2000British bloke Danny Dyer will commentate on your actions and kills.
Voice Pack - He's On Fire$2,000The Announcer from the NBA Jam game will commentate on your actions and kills.

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Denuvo couldn't do anything to protect Rage 2
Denuvo couldn't do anything to protect Rage 2
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