RAGE 2 - Abilities Guide

Jul 02 2019 4 min read

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Rage 2 is a first-person shooter which is the sequel to the 2011 game Rage. Even though it received somewhat mixed reviews from the critics, many people actually love the combat mechanics as well as the open world gameplay.


In Rage 2, you get to play a ranger called Walker who is roaming around and exploring the apocalyptic world. Having said that, you also have control over some of his attributes, wielding various weapons and more.

Apart from the normal mode, there is one more called Overdrive. There, Walker’s gun does more damage, enemies drop more energy and are getting healed constantly.

Rage 2 also features various “combat transports” such as trucks, buggies, and gyrocopters.

Abilities (Nanotrites)

The abilities in Rage two are a specific skill set which you can earn and use while you are in combat. In order to earn more abilities, you have to find Ark’s around the open world in different regions. 

Each ability has its own unique feature and you can choose or swap any of the ones you have. Here is a list of all the current available Nanotrites for you to gather.


  •  This spell gives you the power to block bullets and explosions. It can be found at Spikewind Ark, located in the Broken Tract region. What’s more, the Barrier has three levels which affect its duration with the maximum being the level 3 one - 15 seconds.


  • As the name suggests, this is the healing ability in Rage 2. In addition, it also protects you from the incoming damage. In order to use the regeneration, you have to pick up Feltrite. This ability is located at the start of your play-through.

  • Unlike the previous one, this ability has five levels. The higher it goes, the more damage reduction you get from bullets - the maximum is 40% on level 5.


  • Dash gives you the ability to evade some of the incoming damage as you become harder to hit. It can be found at Vineland Ark, located in the Twisting Canyons region. In order to activate this ability in the game, you have to press CTRL + W/A/S/D


  • This Rage 2 power is from the original sequel. What it does is basically saving you from death. If the fight gets too hot, you will have the chance to do a “time lapse” and get back int he action. 

  • Similar to the Constitution, this spell has 5 different levels. The higher the level, the more health regeneration is boosted.


  • This ability allows you to leap[ towards an enemy and blast them back. Having said that, it has only three levels and at level 3, the shatter damage and knockback is maxed out at 150%.


  • Grav-Jump is basically a simple double jump. However, it can work wonders when you combine it with other abilities such as Slam for example. At level 3, the max airtime is longer compared to the earlier levels.


  • Rush allows you to move very fast for a short time. Basically, this is a perfect ability in order to escape any bad situations. It can be found at Dealypipe Ark, located in the Sekreto Wetlands region.


  • This is a skill which drags the enemies close to each other and sends them flying in different directions. In fact, the effect of this ability is similar to a grenade. At level 3, Vortex has its strength and range increased by 200%.


  • Focus allows you to have a somewhat stealth approach to a fight. This ability can work wonders if you utilize it properly because you can use it to find the priceless Feltrite. 


  • This is probably the most iconic ability in Rage 2. When you use it, your damage gets higher and your HP is restored quicker. What’s more, this ability gets charged when you get kills. However, the more kills you get, the higher kills it takes to keep the charge going.


  • One of the most interesting ability at least in terms of animations. You slam your fist into the ground and it creates a shockwave which knocks your enemies.  The damage gets increased with each level, up to 150% in level 3.


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