Radiant & Dire Cup 2015: EHOME are the champions

Dec 29 2015 2 min read
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In a close series between CDEC.Y and EHOME, EHOME has managed to edge out CDEC.Y and take home the $61,000 first place prize.

The Radiant Dire Cup has been a tournament with quite a few surprises; one of which is CDEC.Y's run which came to an end only in the grand finals - where they were defeated 2-1 by EHOME. Other noteworthy performances include LGD's and CDEC's round two exit from the tournament, LGD lost 0-2 to VG (who was playing with a stand-in for Daryl 'Iceiceice' Koh) and 0-1 to EHOME and CDEC uncharacteristically lost to CDEC.Y and IG.V with a score of 0-2 and 0-1 respectively.

The grand finals:

In the grand finals, EHOME found great success when they picked up Anti-Mage in game one and three; both games ended around the 30 minute mark with Anti-Mage at the top of the net worth chart. Game one saw EHOME's Alchemist - along with the rest of EHOME - playing an aggressive style; Alchemist opted to skill Greevil's Greed last. The play style worked to great effect as EHOME's Anti-Mage was able to secure his Battle Fury and Manta quickly, carrying his team to victory.

CDEC.Y started off game two well, securing 13 kills - mostly by Life Stealer and Razor - by the ten minute mark. However, EHOME did not let CDEC.Y snowball out of control and utilized their Ember and Gyro to swing the lead in their favor; the led was closed but never swung in EHOME's favor, CDEC.Y kept the game even or in their favor and eventually at the 62 minute mark, with Rapiers going back and fourth, CDEC.Y won.

Game three went similarly to game one where EHOME played aggressively to create space for their Anti-Mage to farm, the AM then carried them to victory.



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