R6: Siege — FaZe Clan accused of match fixing

May 24 2019 3 min read

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There's big trouble on the Latin American scene of Rainbow Six: Siege. Former analyst of the Black Dragons Brazilian team Thiago "Thyy" Nicézio accused the "dragons" of planning to exchange victories with FaZe Slan, zero scraps given about the sporting principle. This was announced by Siege.gg.

In a series of remote tweets, Nicézio claims that BD player Juninho "GdNN1" Núñez and Ronaldo "ion" Osawa, who plays for the semifinalists of Pro League Season 9, decided to help each other.

Team standings after the Black Dragons were given a technical defeat in a game against FaZe Clan

The fact is FaZe Clan really needed points in the Pro League draw to get to the world final. At the same time, by the beginning of April, Black Dragons (4 of the most dubious matches took place exactly that day) were already set in stone: no LAN-finals for them, and no drop out of the Pro League either.

The situation is quite different now in the Brasileirão 2019 tournament. FaZe Clan has already guaranteed itself a participation in the final tournament, and "the dragons" right now are one point behind the playoff zone. In this case, the match FaZe ClanBlack Dragons will be held June 30.

In the Pro League Season 9 match, Black Dragons suffered a technical defeat: GdNN1 had problems with the Internet connection. Thyy believes that in this case the player intentionally pulled the cable from the PC.

The idea of exchanging matches is not new: this trick is especially characteristic of traditional sports, in particular, football. The truth is, there is a team that needs points right now, borrowing them to return next season. Naturally, no one will publicly confirm this, but the scheme is recognised.

Here there is a very specific mutual interest. Thyy posted some screenshots of the messages, which, however, does not reflect GdNN1's direct guilt. However, the analyst has already left the team and sent all his data to Ubisoft for investigation. It is possible that a quarrel might have occurred between the two Brazilians, and one of them decided to slander the other.

Black Dragons have so far removed Núñez, subordinately fining him for his unflattering comments about the scene and the team. FaZe Clan is still silent. The next matches for the teams will be only on 9th June: Brasileirão 2019 resumes. The office of Ubisoft Brazil is most likely already conducting an investigation, and if the guilt is proved, the players will face a five-year suspension. We can only wait for the official verdict.

Tough times for FaZe Clan as they have problems with their own streamer, who accuses them on a financial matter. You can read the story about Turner "Tfue" Tenney here

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