Qualifiers for DH Malmö announced

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DreamHack has announced details about the qualifying process for its Masters event in Malmö.

From April 12-17, DreamHack will be hosting in the Swedish city of Malmö the first of two Masters events that will take place this year, with $250,000 on offer in both championships.

Eight of the 16 spots are filled through invites - six of which have already been issued -, while the remaining places will be determined by online qualifiers, to be hosted by FACEIT and MIXBOT.

To make DreamHack Masters a global event, there will be qualifiers in Europe, North America and Asia. In each region, the qualifying process will consist of an open and a closed bracket. The open qualifiers will have a maximum of 512 teams, while the closed tournaments will feature the top eight sides from the open bracket and eight invited teams.

Europe, the only region to have two qualifiers, will send four teams to Malmö via qualifiers, while North America will send three and Asia will send just one.

Below you can find all the details about the qualifiers for the Swedish event:

North American Qualifier: February 20-21 - Three Spots

  • Open Qualifier (February 20) - Sign up
  • Closed Qualifier (February 21)

European Qualifier #1: March 12-13 - Two Spots

  • Open Qualifier (March 12) - Sign up
  • Closed Qualifier (March 13)

European Qualifier #2: March 19-20- Two Spots 

  • Open Qualifier (March 19) - Sign up
  • Closed Qualifier (March 20)

Asian Qualifier: March 12-13 - One spot

  • Open Qualifier (March 12) - Registration opens on February 9
  • Closed Qualifier (March 13)

Source: hltv.org

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