Quad Launcher paves its way to Fortnite

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Quad Launcher paves its way to Fortnite

Bring havoc to enemy structures with this new mighty weapon

Fortnite is one best Battle Royale games you can get into right now, but Epic Games need to constantly update it and provide the best possible experience if they want to keep the players in it. With COD: Black Ops 4 and other shooters with huge legacy getting their own Battle Royal modes, players will soon have plenty of games to choose from.

One of the biggest concerns Fortnite has today is that players are prone to camping and hiding inside structures. It creates stalemates and makes the game less fun to either play or watch. To combat this problem Epic Games recently introduced Grappling Hooks allowing you to quickly circumvent obstacles and push in despite high walls.

Seems like developers decided to take another step and help aggressors to quickly destroy enemy structures. Players who own the original Fortnite survivor game know about the weapon called Quad Launcher, which, you know, quickly launches 4 rockets, creating chaos and destruction on impact.

This weapon won’t be very useful in a regular firefight because it takes ages to reload, but you can use it to quickly bring havoc to enemy structures and attack after that. You can also bring only 12 rockets with you, which limits the weapon to just 3 full volleys.

Here's how streamers reacted to the new weapon: 

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