Pumpkin Rocket Launcher returns to Fortnite

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Pumpkin Rocket Launcher returns to Fortnite

Epic Games bring back the infamous “pumpkin spiced” heavy weapon

Eric Williamson, design lead of Fortnite Battle Royale at Epic Games, tweeted a weird mumbling phrase, apparently teasing the Pumpkin Rocket Launcher

What does it have to do with the launcher? It’s almost the exact transcription of sounds the weapon makes firing, listen: 

If you don’t remember, we got Pumpkin Rocket Launcher back in 2017 when Epic Games first launched Fortnite’s Halloween event- Fortnitemares. But back then it was a limited-time item which also spawned the Rocket Riding thing due to the weapon’s bugged collision model. 

So, with the Fortnitemares returning the game fans get the beloved heavy weaponry as well. Stay tuned for more news on the Halloween event announcements. As the date approaches we'll have tons of info to share, but we already covered some of the details after the devs sort of confirmed the event's coming soon. 

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