PUBG Nations Cup: Day 2 results

Aug 10 2019 2 min read

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The second day of the PUBG Nations Cup tournament has ended today. According to the results of five matches, players from South Korea managed to maintain an advantage and still have a leading position, gaining 90 points and 60 kills in total. Vietnamese roster went down to the sixth position, losing second place to Thailand with 74 points and 50 kills. The Russian team still finishes in the top three with 69 points and 42 kills.

Winners in the Day 2 matches (top-1):

Match 1 (Erangel): Team Canada (Moody, DrasseL, Kaymind, Meluke)
Match 2 (Erangel): Team Chinese Taipei (SR, ChiaWei1031, Milk, Leo)
Match 3 (Miramar): Team USA (Valliate, Sharky, Bahawaka, Zanpah)
Match 4 (Miramar): Team Japan (Dep, CiNVe, SSeeS, gabha)
Match 5 (Miramar): Team Thailand (ThanawatTH, DUCKMANZ, Min0Ru, shippyS)

The final 5 matches will begin on August 11 at 10:00 CEST. Follow the competition live on the link. The prize will be $500.000.

Follow the link to watch the competition live.


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