PUBG Nations Cup 2019 Overview

Aug 09 2019 2 min read

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Changchun Arena in Seoul is the venue for this year's PUBG Nations Cup. Sixteen teams from around the world represent their countries and regions in the All-Star Battle Royale fight. The Nations Cup tournament format consists of three competition days with 15 matches, 5 played each day. The team scoring the most points in all 15 matches will bring the champion's title home. The games will take place on the traditional competitive Miramar and Erangel maps.

PUBG's official entry stated:

Players from every competitive PUBG region have been selected by their peers to represent their respective nations in a battle for global bragging rights and the lion’s share of a 500,000 USD prize pool.

The team and player roster for PUBG Nations Cup 2019


  • ernzxr, BitLoft Esports
  • SzylzEN, BitLoft Esports
  • RiboxD, Team Singularity
  • p0me, Team Singularity
  • Patt, Piantaos Gaming, as a coach


  • luke12, Athletico
  • Zoidm8, Athletico
  • Insight, Incognito
  • vasili, Hell Yeah Brother
  • Nutshot, Team Immunity as a coach


  • rogiwOw, Espada do Rei
  • Rdnx, FURIA Esports
  • and1FPS, Red Canids Kalunga
  • rustyzera, Red Canids Kalunga
  • Nananga, Black Dragons as a coach


  • Kaymind,  Cloud 9
  • Drassel, Ghost Gaming
  • Meluke, Tempo Storm
  • Moody, Team Envy
  • didz, Lazarus as a coach


  • GODV,  Four Angry Men 
  • Summer,  VC Gaming
  • Mad98,  ARK.GAME TEAM 
  • Dec12th,  Black Ananas
  • Cameal, AMY Spacetime as a coach

Chinese Taipei

  • SR,  ahq eSports Club
  • ChiaWei1031,  GEX
  • Milk,  ahq eSports Club
  • Leo,  MP5
  •  AfteR, Ahq eSports Club as a coach


  • Sambty, Team Liquid
  • Tiikzu,  Winstrike
  • mxey,  Faze Clan
  • Jembty, Team Liquid
  • Skuijke, ENCE as a coach


  • UdyrMayFire,  G2 Esports
  • Caint,  G2 Esports
  • Braexco,  G2 Esports
  • ItzzchrizZ, G2 Esports
  •  CupofMagic, ALTERNATE aTTaX as a coach


  • Dep,  Crest Gaming Xanadu
  • CiNVe,  SunSister Suicider’s
  • SSeeS, DetonatioN Gaming White
  • gabha, SunSister Suicider’s
  • DMM Games as a coach


  • ADOUZ1E, Natus Vincere
  • ubah, Faze Clan
  • ceh9, Natus Vincere
  • Kemba7, CrowCrowd
  • Dyrem, Reciprocity as a cach

South Korea

  • Pio, Gen.G
  • Inonix , DPG danawa
  • Loki, Gen.G
  • Aqua5, DeToNator
  • SeungHu Bae, Gen.G as a cach


  • Thanawat, Armory Gaming
  • DUCKMANZ, Armory Gaming
  • MinORu, MiTH
  • shippyS, Tokio Striker
  • Voo, MiTH as a coach


  • Mertgungor, Digital Athletics
  • ABeautifulDeath, Digital Athletics
  • SIXMO, Digital Athletics
  • Iroh, Digital Athletics
  • Dr1LL, Digital Athletics as a coach

United Kingdom

  • Realzx, Pittsburgh Knights
  • mykLe, Team SoloMid
  • vard, Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • MiracU, Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • microstar, Tempo Storm as a coach

United States

  • Sharky,  Tempo Storm
  • Zanpah,  Tempo Storm
  • Valliate,  SpaceStation Gaming
  • Bahawaka,  SpaceStation Gaming
  •  Jabroni, Ghost Gaming as a coach


  • Sapauu,  Sky Gaming Daklak
  • Nhism,  Refund Gaming
  • Leviz,  Divine Esports
  • BAsill,  Cerberus Esports
  •  DjChip, Refund Gaming as a coach

In addition, six out of sixteen — the Chinese, South Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Taipei China and the Japanese teams— will also compete for an extra slot at the PUBG World Cup. The best team from the Asian region will be awarded an additional slot in November Finals.

Get acquainted with the announcement video, as well as with official blog entry about PUBG Nations Cup 2019 on the official PUBG Esports resource.


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