PUBG Erangel remastered. Too late?

Jul 26 2019 5 min read

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There you go – the original Erangel map from PUBG has been completely remastered to give it a new fresh taste and attractive looks. The developers have changed the packaging – or the exterior if you like. But is this measure well-timed? According to SteamCharts, the heavily promoted initiative didn’t affect the player count at all. There wasn’t a massive increase in online numbers – nor former PUBG players returned to the once-abandoned game. Overall, it feels like PUBG Corp. has completely lost the ability to understand what the audience desires. And it’s definitely not the players’ fault since they have been clearly open and vocal in terms of pointing out the real issues of the game for the past few years. However, we don’t want to make rushed judgments – so let’s sort the things out first.

Like a whole new game


The update in question is mostly a cosmetic one. In case you aren’t familiar with the situation regarding the Erangel map, we are here to help you. It was initially built with assets bought straight from the Unreal Engine store – a sad story given the game costs around $30. Bluehole wasn’t familiar with the genre of tactical shooters when Brendan Greene reached the studio. The company was mostly focused on Korean MMOs back then, so the task to build a proper shooter was an exceptionally hard one. Fast-forward to July 2019 – and more than two years later, nice new assets have finally replaced the paid premade ones from the UE store. The geometry is pretty much the same in most cases so that the areas of the map remain recognizable. However, the overall design rework is fairly huge. New looks of well-known buildings and areas, new textures, believable interior design – and that’s a confirmation from someone who’s grown up in Eastern Europe. Overall, new Erangel gives an impression of a lot more accurate and authentic atmosphere on a fictional island in the region.

It doesn’t really matter whether the devs just reworked the existing assets or remade them completely from scratch – the amount of work put into the update is impressive. The rework has arrived soon after the game was updated with some new mechanics, and the most notable one is the improved vaulting system. It has opened exciting opportunities to reach new areas thus exploring new tactical advantages. The in-game world has become a bit more hospitable and interactive – you can finally move like a real human being. It is worth mentioning, that the most fluid movement among the existing Battle Royale games is incorporated in Apex Legends – and it’s likely to stay that way. However, PUBG does feel nice after improvements to the vaulting system, and along with the recent visual update, the game plays out a tiny bit better. But it’s not the changes we’ve all been asking for.

Think before you act


The main issue with PUBG is that it doesn’t evolve, it doesn’t implement sensible innovations. You might argue that the recently introduced BRDM is a proper game-changer – but it’s actually a game-breaker since you don’t expect anything like that in a game like PUBG. The vehicle simply doesn’t belong to the game right now; it could’ve – if the devs added a proper anti-BRDM weapon to counter the new meta of road-killing everyone on sight. All the recent updates of the past year and a half make an impression as if PUBG Corp. was trying to implement unwanted features just because there’re ones in other BR games. For instance, instead of battling the enormous cheaters' issues, the devs decided to incorporate emotes last year. Yeah, just because there were emotes in Fortnite. After Apex Legends released, PUBG was suddenly updated with a pinging system. The truth is you can’t bring back the people’s love by stealing the ideas from other projects.

PUBG has nothing to offer once you’ve mastered it. There’re no challenges. The game is stuck in almost the same state it was two years ago. It’s not necessarily a bad thing simply because it’s more than enough for devoted hardcore fans. For instance, I’ve been playing the Operation Metro map in Battlefield 4 for years – I’ve probably put 1.5K hours out of my 2K of total playtime into this single map. At least, well above 1K. But honestly, I’m a crazy-ass fan of Battlefield 4 – and by any means, this shouldn’t be applied to everyone out there playing the game. Any game. And such fan attitude doesn’t justify the fact that PUBG isn’t changing. In other words, the game can have a small audience of devoted players thanks to the fact that some of them love the game no matter what. But in case the devs want to keep the popularity of the project they have to do a lot more than just remastering old maps. There’s plenty of issues that haven’t been addressed yet, and the players are concerned that the dev team is purposely ignoring the major problems.

An emotional roller-coaster


The question put into the title of the article might be the incorrect one. Well, at least it’s not a hard one to answer – and it’s already been done above. The development of a remastered Erangel map is definitely a late decision – and this amount of work should’ve been done back in 2017 when the game released in Early Access on Steam. The real question is whether it was necessary at all – and sadly, the answer is no. The new looks of the old-favourite map don’t really change anything in terms of general PUBG gaming experience. It is still the same game with a set of issues that keep their proud existence despite the flow of regular updates.

As the best-case scenario, the game needs a complete overhaul – otherwise, the decline in the player base will keep snowballing. Ultimately, there’re better games on the market – all the industry needs is a Battle Royale title similar to PUBG in terms of setting and atmosphere but made by proper professionals. Or maybe not – Apex Legends has proven that the modern setting is not obligatory when the core experience is almost flawless. And let’s be honest – PUBG is light-years away from being flawless.

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