Presenting WePlay Ultimate Fighting League Season 1

Feb 21 2021 3 min read

Three games, $150,000 prize pool

Last December, WePlay Esports capped off a tumultuous 2020 with a decisive showing – a Mortal Kombat 11 LAN tournament titled WePlay Dragon Temple. Fourteen fighters from around the globe fought for the grand prize, with Tekken Master emerging victorious. During the event, WePlay Esports, together with the undisputed world heavyweight champion, Oleksandr Usyk, presented the new fighting games league. Today, we’re happy to announce the details of the inaugural WePlay Ultimate Fighting League season!


Last year, we had fourteen kombatants battling for glory in Mortal Kombat 11. This time around we’re upping the ante – WUFL S1 will host Tekken 7 and SOULCALIBUR VI tournaments alongside MK11. That’s right; there will be three times as much content!


WePlay Ultimate Fighting League Season 1 is set to take place between March 25th and April 11th, 2021. The tournaments will not be held at the same time and will instead follow one another. Here are the precise dates:

  • Mortal Kombat 11 – March 25th-28th;

  • SOULCALIBUR VI – April 1st-4th;

  • Tekken 7 – April 8th-11th.

Prize Pool

The best players in the world compete not only for glory but for hefty prize pools. As such, WUFL S1 will have a prize pool of $150,000, equally divided between the three tournaments.

  • Mortal Kombat 11 – $50,000;

  • SOULCALIBUR VI – $50,000;

  • Tekken 7 – $50,000.


Just like with WePlay Dragon Temple, WUFL S1 will be held at the WePlay Esports Arena Kyiv. WePlay Esports will be taking a multitude of safety measures to guarantee the wellbeing of all event participants. As such, all of the players and staff will be tested for COVID-19. Furthermore, no audience will be present at the event as a cautionary measure.


With the start of WePlay Ultimate Fighting League still being a month away, keep your eyes peeled for the complete list of players and broadcast talent in the coming weeks! 

Max Bilinogov speaks about WUFL Season 1
Eugene "Hitras" Shepelev's comment about WUFL Season 1
James Banks talks about his goals with WUFL Season 1

Invitation-only format

“The inaugural season of the WePlay Ultimate Fighting League is invitation only. We know that isn’t ideal, and we want to showcase the best players in the world through our league, but our commitment to the FGC is more than just one season. We have a multi-year plan for the league, and this is just the beginning. I know many of you want to showcase your skills and have a chance to compete in the biggest and best fighting league you have seen. I promise you, you will have that chance,” says James Banks, project consultant for WePlay Esports.

“Due to the current state of the world and the safety precautions we created, we have each title as a 16 player invite-only tournament. The top players from each event will stay, and we will then hold open qualifiers worldwide with slots for each season going forward.

We have plans to help new players and up-and-coming pro players compete in cups and tournaments that we set up to grow the FGC ecosystem for each of the titles we work with.

For now, we must focus on the current state of the world and keep safety as a number one priority. We will continue to observe and address this as we move forward with the other seasons we have planned for 2021.”


Mark the dates in your calendar and follow us on social media to keep up with all the news and announcements about WePlay Ultimate Fighting League:

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WePlay is once again teaming up with DashFight, the official media partner of WUFL, to bring you exclusive content and coverage during the tournament. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.


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