Polbit Arena Tournament with beautiful sportsmanship from Team Brute

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Polbit Arena Tournament with beautiful sportsmanship from Czech Team Brute

Czech players surprised the whole CS:GO world with nice gesture to Polish team PACT

Polbit Arena Tournament 2018 is an offline CS:GO event in Szczecin, Poland with eight teams on board (4 invited, 4 qualified) with €5,000 in prize pool. “Nothing special” you say? I bet you will be surprised in the end, just continue reading.

One of the invited team was Polish PACT (currently sitting on 45th place in worldwide ranking), who announced they are unable to attend the event just a few days before the tournament started because of health issues Michał “MOLSI” Łącki was experiencing. And here our story begins. 

The management of Czech team Brute started cooperation with the esports clothing company Teetres, which culminated in an invite to Games Clash Arena Finals in Gdynia where they met owner of team PACT. They start talking about esports in general but mostly about bad conditions for players in Czech and Slovakia (most of organizations in CZ/SK are unable to attend international events because companies are afraid to invest in this non-profit environment). That shocked the Polish owner and three days before the LAN, he asked the Czech team if they wanna show their potential and go to the event. Team Brute didn’t wait a minute and with smile on their faces accepted the invite.

We contacted the manager of the squad, Marek “Rosy” Rozsypal to describe the whole story:

“Three days before Polbit started, I have received a Skype message from owner of PACT, Padre. When I opened our chat, I couldn't believe my eyes. Message said that we have 50% chance of replacing PACT at Polbit Arena Tournament. I was so shocked, so I started writing to all of our partners and asking them, if we can participate on this event with their financial support. We got their support for this international event, so our trip could happen!”

“This tournament was completely different to Czech ones. They treated with our playes, like they were world champions, we had everything we wanted (from bananas to KFC, lol).”

“I need to give big shoutout to Filip Mozol, main Polbit manager. He provided to us everything we wanted to and he took care of our comfort. Due to Filip, this tournament was 5 levels above, then it would be without him. Polbit was definitely a tournament that we will never forget. Thank you.”

Czech players were so honoured with this nice gesture that they made their own in exchange. After arriving to Poland, Team Brute had changed their logo to the Polish ones, and added PACT’s hashtag to their nicknames (#PACTit). 

I was wondering how this all happened and asked Marek once again who came with this idea:

“This invite from PACT was a big honor for all of us. We just wanted to say BIG THANK YOU to them in a simple way, but loudly” he said and added “When we prepared the graphic stuff for our social channels, I saw the Poland flag and our logo. I knew that we have to mix it together and added the PACTit hashtag in the player's nicknames (in-game) and tell the world how much we appreciate the opportunity to compete at this event. Once again, thanks a lot for everything.”

Besides that, I found a photo on Reddit with two of Team Brute players, 18-year-old in-game leader Michal “leckr” Kadlíček and main AWPer of the squad Lukáš “capseN” Koláčný, holding a beer with PACT logo on it. No words needed, this is just the sweetest ending of story of all time. American comedy-love directors should get inspired by it, right?

Whole Polish CS:GO community warmly welcomed this gesture (not only the beer, lol) and made a Reddit post about this amazing story to tell the world how we all should act in professional esports scene. The Czech five eventually finished on the second place, losing the grand final against Polish Izako Boars in a series of best-of-three. 

Do you think our story ends here? No, my friend. Not at all. One of the stand-ins for this event, Adam “neofrag” Zouhar, earned the MVP title, showing sick performance during the time in Poland (Martin “MAXX” Smolár couldn’t attend the event due to family issues at that time). 

Adam “neofrag” Zouhar - the MVP of Polbit Arena Tournament 2018

Also, the coach of the squad, 22 years old Slovakian ex-player and analytic Matej “forji” Kmit, earned The Mastermind of the Event title for helping his players during the event. 

Matej “forji” Kmit - The Mastermind of Polbit Arena Tournament 2018

You must admit that is very unusual in our sport to see the losing team earning both trophies while they didn’t win the tournament, right? And we can finish this crazy story with this picture:  

As you can see, you don’t have to believe in god to see miracles. After this result, Czech Team Brute got into Top-100 in worldwide ranking for the first time since their inception a year ago and now will have more opportunities to show their potential in the adult CS:GO scene. God bless esports, nice players, organizers and people who made this story alive!

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