Players' thoughts: What to expect from WePlay! Artifact MT:S

Nov 29 2018 3 min read

Players' thoughts: What to expect from WePlay! Artifact MT:S ⚡⚡⚡ Esports and gaming news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

WePlay! Artifact Mighty Triad: Strength is right around the corner - the tournament starts at 15:00 CEST, and we have a few words from two of our participants and today's contenders. 

WePlay!: What are your expectations towards this tournament? 

Petrify: I'm looking to prove that I'm one of the best Artifact players right now and this tournament has so much skill in it so I want to reach at least top 8.

Heffaklumpen: Not expecting any special placement as the field is most likely as stacked as it could be and it would be naive to expect to win it all. I do however think I have as good as a chance as any other player, so if I get into the zone and with a bit of luck, maybe I can get there!

WePlay!: Do you know your opponents for today's round of games and do you know what to expect from them? 

Petrify: I know Game King and Lifecoach well from Gwent and practiced a lot with Gameking, he is a great friend of mine. They are both amazing players, but I didn't know what lists they will bring. So Strifecro is someone I respect a lot from when I watched Hearthstone, I've played with him in the beta before and I know he's good. But I watched his stream and knew he would probably bring blue green so I made sure my list could deal with that. Luckily I was right but I still have to play well to beat him.

Heffaklumpen: My first match is quite legendary. Stan has had the most success in Constructed in the previous closed tournaments and he's an amazing player, so I'm expecting nothing less than the best from him. I know less of Pavel and Xixo, but I know they are both accomplished players in their own respective games, so I assume they aren't any slouches either. We'll see how well they've transferred their previous experience from other games I guess!

WePlay!: In your opinion, what is going to help you today? Do you fancy a victory? 

Petrify: I think I should win my group as I went 44-2 with my list in practice, but that scares me because I don't like expecting to win. You can only be disappointed. So I'll be happy if I don't lose the group 0-2.

Heffaklumpen: What will help me most today is if I can retain focus, as I've had more trouble doing that playing from home rather than going to an event. It's good to be comfortable, but dangerous to get too comfortable I guess!

WePlay!: Do you believe Artifact has the required qualities to become a full eSports discipline like Hearthstone? 

Petrify: Artifact is definitely going to be the best esport card game. It has everything and Valve are perfect developers.

Heffaklumpen: Like Hearthstone? I expect much more of Artifact compared to Hearthstone!!

WePlay!: Are you going to continue playing Artifact competitively afterwards or is it just a single-time event for you? 

Petrify: I'm all in on Artifact. Expect to see me in lots of tournaments.

Heffaklumpen: I will absolutely continue. I hoping this is only scratching the surface of a potential career for myself in Artifact Esports!


You can find more on today's players in their respective articles where we tried to cover all the necessary information regarding their backgrounds: Group A and Group B.


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