Play-In Knockouts LoL Worlds Championship 2018

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Play-In Knockouts LoL Worlds Championship 2018

Best 16 teams are going to meet up in the Group Stage.

This weekend we finally saw the results of the Best-of-Five matches between teams on the way to the next stage. First and second seeds from the Play-In Stage had met each other to see, who is worthy of proceeding forward to join the best 16 teams in the world.

On Friday, first two teams, who started the day, were Cloud9 (first seed from Group C) and Gambit Esports (second seed from Group D). While C9 looked really strong and unbeatable in their group, GMB didn’t perform that well. During a pre-game interview with Edward (GMB support), he said his thoughts about C9 - “It’s North America” like they are not expecting anything special from the opponents. Too pity for them, cause the North-American’s third seed remained calm and focused and managed to get themselves a victory in these long series with a score 3:2.

Next match was between a Japanese team - DetonationFocusMe, who got the second seed in a Group C and the first seed from Group A - Edward Gaming. Unfortunately for DFM fans, EDG completely destroyed their competitors with a score 3:0 and grabbed their deserved place on the arena in the Group Stage.

Saturday was opened with a match between European G2 Esports (first seed in Group B) and Infinity Esports from Costa Rica (second seed in Group A). INF could knock G2 off balance and win the first match. Sadly for INF followers, it was the only one win they were able to pick up. G2 recovered very fast after a loss and stroke back with a 3:1 final score, thereby securing their spot in the next stage.

G-Rex (first seed in Group D) met Bahçeşehir Supermassive (second seed in Group B) in the final standoff of the week. All started in a huge favour of SUP, whose ADC Zeitnot was unstoppable with a Penta Kill on his Kai’sa (12/0/1). After a shocking win, Supermassive could not perform on the same level and were banished from the Field of Justice by G-Rex squad.

Now, Cloud9 will join Group B, Edward Gaming will be in the Group C, G2 Esports got their spot in the Group A, and G-Rex will have a chance to beat their opponents in the Group D.

As a reminder, you can unlock the unique 2018 Pick’em Poro icon by picking teams’ standings and by scoring at least 34 points. Also, if all of your predictions will come true, you will unlock all five Ultimate skins (Pulsfire Ezreal, Spirit Guard Udyr, DJ Sona, Elementalist Lux and Gun Goddes Miss Fortune). So make your forecasts, Summoners, we are ready for the Worlds!

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