Pets of popular gamers. Part II

Jul 19 2019 5 min read

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Talking about famous gamers is something very common these days. Every gaming enthusiast can say a couple of words about their favourite let’s players and streamers, and we’ve even covered the most popular names in our dedicated series of articles – so-called Streamer Profiles.

While this is great and entertaining, it became obvious that a step further in this coverage was needed. That’s why the article “Pets of popular gamers” appeared. The response from our audience was so great that we’ve decided to continue our “pet research” with Part II of compilation.

Prepare for the most heartwarming pictures and try not to die of affection!

CHARM3R’s pug

Darick “CHARM3R” Oswalt was among those who responded to our initial article, and he shared a photo of his lovely dog. Darick is the English shoutcaster of our WePlay! Dota Underlords Open tournament.

Apart from Oswalt’s abs and pictures of nature, his Instagram features images of Oy, a beautiful pug girl. Darick calls her his most loyal companion, and this sweet pumpkin has recently turned 11 years old. We wish her to spend as many years with her master as possible!

Don’t you mind drowning in these eyes?

SingSing’s animals

The former professional Dota 2 player WehSing “SingSing” Yuen loves sharing the photos of his pup Mango – a handsome Shiba Inu with intelligent eyes. Yuen’s Instagram is full of Mango’s images – but it’s not the only animal you can find there.

The player became friends with tigers, deer, leopards, elephants, etc. Looks like he might be a Disney princess caught in the body of a male.

One with nature.

Aculite’s poodle

Humble Canadian player Aculite is best known for his exceptional talent in playing FPS games. He’s mostly dominating in the Battle Royale genre, and there’s very little information regarding the streamer – apart from his name Connor and the fact that he’s the proud owner of a poodle girl Pharah – a charming curly lady.

She’s a shy beauty and doesn’t like to take photos according to Connor, but she does look gorgeous and deserves being called a princess. Which, as we hope, Aculite regularly does.

Ah, this slightly shy look.

chocoTaco’s cats

Perhaps, one of the most popular PUBG players is chocoTaco with his humble and sweet personality. He is always calm and reasonable during the game – even in the most nervous and tense moments, for which he is widely loved by his army of fans.

He is also a famous cat lover, as he owns a whole apartment of them. Or, as the man himself refers to his pride, a whole kitty jungle. The pets often make appearances during choco’s livestreams, and he never misses the opportunity to create fun content with them.

A natural jungle!

Trott’s cloud

Trottimus, the member of British trio of streamers Hat Films, has recently introduced the newest and the most gorgeous member of the crew – a little cloud called Mochi. Well, she is actually a Japanese Spitz, but the first impression is the correct one nonetheless.

The boys from Hat Films are known and loved for their sincere silliness and fooling around, which are the signature traits of all the Yogscast family members. Luckily, Mochi fits this paradigm perfectly, which can be proved by the video below.

Just accept that your heart has melted.

Honeydew’s obsession

Since we’ve started talking about the Yogscast, we can’t miss the opportunity to tell you about Simon “Honeydew” Lane and his sheer love for Welsh Corgis. It is somewhat of a local meme, as the handsome man has never owned a real-life Corgi. Instead, he has a lovely plush toy doggie called Mandrew – and the same name was used for Honeydew’s in-game Minecraft pet wolves.

As for real pets, Simon owns two cats called F*ckface and Wankchops. Regarding dogs, he once owned one called Ollie, but the canine eventually ended up living with Honeydew’s former roommate.

Is this the real life? Or it’s just fantasy?

Alinity’s animal abuse

Alinity keeps a whole zoo of pets at home, and they always become the centre of attention once they appear on camera. It’s not like there’s nothing else to stare at when Alinity hosts her livestreams, but the sweet animals simply cannot escape everyone’s love.

Unfortunately, the streamer girl has recently caused controversy and accusations of animal cruelty. Footage of Alinity throwing her cat across the room has appeared on the Internet, and the community went mad over that. The popular streamer issued a lengthy apology a week ago but it looks like it won’t be enough. The players are heavily criticizing the streamer, and even notorious PETA used the opportunity to spread the drama.

Let’s hope the innocent creatures won’t suffer any more and the story in question was just an accidental case of mindlessness. However, members of the gaming community claim that Alinity has been seen kicking her dog during a livestream. Overall, she has all the chances to become the next most hated Internet personality after Logan Paul.

How cruel must she be to hurt this little ball of fur?

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