Patch 3.6 Preview: Custom Mutators

Sep 06 2016 2 min read
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Read the overview for the patch 3.6 which is devoted to custom mutators in the StarCraft II. Find out a lot of interesting news about the esports from WePlay.

Since we unleashed Weekly Mutations, you’ve had to tackle intense missions that would challenge even the most skilled players. You’ve survived lava, ice storms, nuclear attacks, and laser beams, but today, we’re showing off a new feature that will take mutations to a whole new level: Custom Mutators.

In Patch 3.6, you and an ally will have the power to craft your very own Mutation on any Co-op Mission. Unlike the Weekly Mutations, you’ll be able to apply up to ten different Mutators to a single mission. Think of the toughest Weekly Mutation you’ve faced and imagine adding seven more nerve-wracking challenges. Some of these combinations will probably be impossible to overcome, but we know that won’t stop you from trying.

custom mutators

You’ll find Custom Mutators in the Co-op menu, next to the standard missions and the Weekly Mutation. You’ll need a commander that’s level 5 or greater as well as a brave ally to join you in the fight, since forming a party is required for Custom Mutators. We’ve added a Co-op chat channel that you’ll automatically enter when browsing Co-op Missions to make finding a partner easier.

Once you’ve chosen the mission and difficulty and loaded the map, both players will be presented with a list of all available Mutators. As the party leader, you have final say on what Mutators are selected, but your partner can make suggestions by simply clicking on the Mutators they desire. Choose wisely, or throw caution to the wind! The choice is up to you. You can even select ‘random’ for all ten of your Mutators and leave your fate up to chance. You’ll still earn the same amount of experience as you would in a normal Co-op Mission, so make sure you’re here for the challenge.

mutator selection

You’ll have access to almost all of the Mutators that have been released since Weekly Mutations launched. You can also expect new Mutators to be added in future patches as new Weekly Mutations are introduced. This will continuously grow the ways you can test your skills.

Here is the full list of available Mutators:

full list of mutators

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