Pages from Archronicus, the lost book of Aghanim

Jun 05 2019 3 min read

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From the second tome of Archronicus, the treatise of the missing mage Aghanim:

"... But there is always hope [...]

I moved the pilgrimage to the Blue Heart Glacier quite well. Body agony is nothing compared to what I had to go through, leaving my own family and a little son. Glory to the gods, the harsh life and preparation for my mission don't allow to indulge in despair.

I was rewarded in my search: the scepter showed me the solution during one of the endless meditations. Now I understand that the celestial sarcophagus was designed to find a creature that can understand who is imprisoned in this space jail and find a way to stop this initial confrontation. Because even the one who created the Mad Moon and imprisoned the Ancients there was unable to do it.

Artist: Grzegorz Rutkowski

I left my home and the closest people so as not to endanger them. The tremendous forces contained in the sarcophagus possessed an enormous power even in their insignificant form, and, just as I naively followed them, they have been following me all these years. Now I know that they are aware of my scepter and see it as a significant threat.

I allow myself a little bit of irony, quite rightly in this icy wasteland.

Here, on the Blue Heart Glacier, the main magical streams of our world exist. In this snowy desert, I, guarded by the power of the scepter, no longer feel cold, hunger, tiredness, or thirst.

But I feel the attention of the Ancients, and I feel their gaze. And I see their fear among the cosmic darkness.

They know what I'm going to do and understand that it is within my power. Funny, but I was able to stop for a moment their endless struggle, their blind rivalry, their underlying war. And it gives me hope.

Artist: David Edwards

Now the anxious Ancients directed their destructive power to the defenceless Valley. They're looking for a Champion, who can defend weakened overlords until they gain their original strength, among the mighty warriors and skilled magicians. The fate of the Ancients is in our hands. And this is my little victory.

At the appointed hour, with the help of a scepter, I will be transferred to the Mad Moon. The Ancients will stop at nothing to destroy my ultimatum weapon. And I will help them with this. I have found a way to open the lock of the space jail.

[…] time is running out. For all of us […]

[...] We all have to sacrifice something [...]

[…] But there is always hope [...] "

The main picture: Artem Sopronyuk 

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