Packz places Cammy among the best in his Street Fighter V tier list

Jul 29 2020 2 min read

Packz places Cammy among the best in his Street Fighter V tier list ⚡⚡⚡ Esports news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

British Street Fighter player Marcus "Packz" Parker recently shared his Champion Edition tier list on Twitter. 

Ranked in tiers marked A+ to C+, the Street Fighter V characters find themselves in new and familiar places. Each tier isn't ordered and some of his choices are based on the UK scene, giving players from other regions an insightful look at how things look in the UK FGC. 

In A+ we see Akuma and Rashid who have become staples up here, joined by Seth and Cammy. It appears more pros outside Japan are beginning to place the Street Fighter IV boss among the best in the game. The MI6 Delta Red operative was also deemed worthy of the top by Packz because, like the other three, she has very few flaws and doesn't need to rely on her V-Trigger. 

Others like M.Bison, G, and Urien that often appear at the top of other tier lists wound up in A-tier instead. A- had slightly more characters than A, featuring a mixed bag of fighters that includes R.Mika, Necalli, Sakura, Kage, and Menat. Falke managed to find her way here too because Packz is familiar with how good she is in high-level play. 

Another climber is Alex who Packz considers to be better than most players give him credit. He's ranked B+ alongside Ken, E.Honda, Lucia, and Gill. In B-tier we see Juri, Ed, and Nash, while C+ puts Ryu, Sagat, and F.AN.G. right at the bottom. Besides a few comments here and there, many agreed with the tier list. Even among those that had issues with it, they only had a problem with one or two placements. 

Packz is an active member of the UK FGC and co-host of the popular web series, Frame Advantage. It's no surprise many of his followers agree with his tier list considering he's been creating tutorials and related content for the show for quite some time now.


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