Overwatch League team set a remarkably odd anti-record

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The team entered hall of fame as the biggest losers in the history of esports

Does anyone still remember that Overwatch League spots cost $20 millions each? Ok, so Blizzard jacked up the prices because at least a dozen of rich people (and organizations) were willing to give that amount for a spot and to avoid situations similar to Miami Marlins. In short, the owner tortured the team and later refused to invest in it at all. Minimum wage of OWL player is $50,000 + bonuses which is not cheap, frankly speaking. Anyway, no one understands how Shanghai Dragons managed to build a roster that possibly shows the worst, most terrible results in the history of professional esports. Yesterday they finished the debute season of the League with 0 wins and 40 losses. How on the earth is that even possible?!

League matches are played out as best-of-five series on five maps. “Dragons” lost 120 maps of 141 played and this is not just the worst result compared to the rest. Other OWL teams won at least twice as many rounds and 75% of teams – even three times more.

After changing two coaches during season, main losers of the year finished it in a much more abysmal state than they started: won six maps at first stage against four ones in the last. Substitutes in the team gave no result what so ever. Shanghai Dragons started out as a Chinese roster, then invited three Korean players and first female pro OW player ever. That didn’t help too because the acting main coach didn’t allow players to speak Korean (which he revealed later on).

Team management kicked out their best player in the end of March cause he allegedly cheated on his girlfriend. Thought they tried to save the situation by practicing from 10:30 to 22:30, six days a week (That’s bonkers, btw). I am wondering if team players had time to eat or their management decided to go with “no wins – no food” strategy? Basically, Shanghai Dragons players are more than happy that the season’s finally over. Probably, more happy than other teams.

Good grief, it was a complete mess which ended in the anti-record…

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