Overwatch Halloween Terror 2018 has begun

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Overwatch Halloween Terror 2018 has begun

You can run but you can’t hide!

“Let’s get this party startled!” says Blizzard as they invite everyone to their seasonal spooky event in OverwatchThe Halloween Terror.

For the next three weeks, we’re celebrating the scariest time of year with a spine-tingling seasonal event: Overwatch Halloween Terror. Expand your collection of seasonal items and relive the chilling tale of Junkenstein’s Revenge, our action-packed PvE brawl.

We’ll get to the skins later, now let’s talk about what’s new in Junkenstein’s Revenge arcade this year. Blizzard made a big change and added Tracer and Brigitte to the roster of heroes which can be used, making up to 10 heroes available for the Classic and Endless Night modes. Don’t forget to get extra lootboxes in arcade, you know, more boxes – more chances for a legendary.

"Ok, what about the skins?" you might be wondering. The event brings a bevy of new skins, highlight intros, emotes skins and map overlays, filling them with pumpkins, ghosts and other scary stuff. Don’t forget there were plenty of stuff you could get last two years, so don’t miss out on things you want to get your hand on this year.

Here are the new legendary skins:

You can check out other new cosmetics on the official blog. Mind you, this year Blizzard gives a little bonus to everyone who purchases lootboxes: you get 10 bonus fright-filled Halloween Loot Boxes with each purchase of the 50 Halloween Loot Boxes bundle.

The Halloween Terror runs through October 31 and available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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