Over 13 mil PUBG accounts banned over the last 69 weeks

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Over 13 mil PUBG accounts banned over the last 69 weeks

Bluehole isn’t kidding around when it comes to cheaters – over a million accounts were banned over one week.

Each popular multiplayer game, with no exceptions, has a fair share of players who try to cheat or defraud other players. Fans of PUBG have been very vocal about the problem of cheating, saying that Bluehole, Korean developers’ studio behind the game, doesn’t do enough to address that.

 Reddit user sjk045 provided stats proving that Bluehole has been working hard and banned over 13 million accounts over the last 69 weeks (since mid-2017). The numbers were taken from official Korean PUBG Café, where Bluehole employees share different types of game-related data. These numbers represent the number of accounts, not the exact amount of users affected by permanent bans.

There is a graph showing the amount of blocked accounts every week and it exceeded 1.000.000 one point. These numbers are very significant, especially when you consider that PUBG is a P2P game. Unless most of the banned accounts were created for PUBG Mobile, we are talking about hundreds of millions of dollars spent on game licenses that got revoked ($30 per account * 13mil).

 The ban rate has been dropping recently, assuming, because less and less of the cheaters are trying to tamper with the game. Also, Bluehole could have patched the vulnerabilities players were exploiting and the need to ban them diminished.

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