Orbit drops current roster

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CS:GO organisation Orbit has decided to not sign the players who have been in a try-out-phase for some weeks now

Despite having acquired the ex-k1ck team just recently, Orbit management decided not to sign the roster. Their inability to find an angreement that would satisfy both players and company was stated as the reason for this decision. This occurrence comes in line with a roster change within the team, as András "ZEN" Hidvégi leaves due to lack of playing time. He will be replaced by Kevin "Barcode" Bana, so that the team will be ready to compete again as soon as someone decides to pick them up.

The now organisationless "ex-Orbit" lineup consists of:

  • Viktor "flash" Tamás Bea
  • Bence "DeadFox" Böröcz
  • Dániel "t3h f4rm3r" Börzsönyi
  • Arnold "NEY" Kiss
  • Kevin "Barcode" Bana


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