Open beta for E-Global Lineage II server has started

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E-global and WePlay.TV announce a L2 Interlude x25 server opening and series of tournaments in Lineage II!


E-global  is one of the most well-known and oldest  Lineage 2 Projects. It has over 50 000 active users all over the world, who has respectful attitude to E-global team.


E-global's game concept is to build in way to provide solo players, party and clans huge amounts of fights!
In the same time, they secure all classic game features.


But the most importent thing is:
By joining the community you will find friends, enemies and lots of emotions!


E-global x25 - is mid-rate, pvp-craft server. 
Each players, should know, that nothing will be as easy as on most pvp servers, so you will have to spend some time to make your character strong!
And trust us, tons of competitors will be awaiting for you to make a headshot -)



OBT will be available on 14th of June at 20.00 GMT+3. 


How to participate in open beta:



OBT features:


  • OBT will be opened on 14 of June at 20:00 GMT +3
  • All characters start in the centre of Aden Castle Town.
  • All characters have 80 lvl
  • Daily Olympiad from 01:00 to 24:00 GMT+3
  • Only 2 noblesses are required for classes and non-classes.
  • 7 sing period - 1 hour
  • Each character has 2kkk adena, 2k Global Coin,  20 Adena chest
  • OBT will be closed on 18th of June at 18:00 GMT+3


Attention! It's only a test server. All your characters will be deleted before grand opening

Our Grand Opening and Open Beta is supported by CatOfFay and WePlay.TV project:



In addition, E-global and WePlay.TV announce a championship series in Lineage II. If you want to express yourself and your clan, to be famous in the world of Lineage II, and win valuable prizes - sharpen your swords, register on WePlay.TV, gather up your team and get ready to take part in tournaments!


Details will be announced after the official opening of the server E-global x25 June 19. Follow the news and broadcasts!

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