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May 21 2022 3 min read

For all League of Legends fans who want to test their skill

League of Legends is a cult MOBA that has had and still has a significant impact on pop culture, interests and hobbies of gamers around the world. When in almost every computer club you could find your team for LoL and become a hero of your own and surrounding areas. League of Legends as an esports discipline is currently most popular in the United States, Southeast Asia, Korea and China. And as we know, there are many cool LoL esports teams in these regions, such as: Team Vitality; Gene G; T1; Top Sports; Royal Never Give Up; DWG KIA; Bilibili Gaming and others, for the activities we all observe. What about amateur tournaments? Each of us at some point thought about playing at a higher level or just organized. Try to show your strengths and skills and compete for prizes in lol tournaments. After all, many of us train and spend a lot of time without a specific goal. That's why we decided to hold League of Legends tournaments for players of any levels. So that everyone has the opportunity to gather a team and think of a strategy from start to the end. Our WePlay Compete tournament platform will create the most comfortable conditions for everyone. It is regularly updated and improved, recently a major release was held, which offers all registered users new features and small updates. And the support service is always ready to help with technical issues. We are talking about the format of the League of Legends tournaments.

What tournaments?

You can play 1 vs 1 or invite friends and play 5 vs 5. From amateur tournaments to regional and national competitions. Everything is possible! The main thing is your participation. Even playing for the sake of a fun, it's great to have the opportunity to win prizes. For winning you will earn RP (Riot Points).

Given that tournaments are free and there are no restrictions on the number - why not try? After all, everyone wants to win in tournaments and improve their skills, here you will find teammates and rivals who will be united by common goals. This is better than looking for like-minded people on the Internet.

For all fans, this is a great opportunity to play against appropriate, level of play, opponents and hone their skills. If you have ambitious plans and are ready to make your way to the professional esports scene - we are waiting for you!

What do I need to participate in the daily league of legends tournaments?

Everything is very simple! You need to register on the site and have an account at EUW (Europe West). Next, choose a format to play alone or with friends.

1 vs 1 League of Legends Tournaments

  • An account of any level is suitable
  • Ability to get 1300 RP

5 vs 5 Legends Tournaments

  • Level 50 account required
  • 20+ champions
  • Full stage of the draft (picks and bans)
  • Ability to win 1300 RP for each team member

In order to achieve high results you need to start right. It was at amateur tournaments that esports and the entire industry were born. Don't delay! Join and compete! And WePlay Compete will help you achieve results faster and better. We are waiting for your registration and feedback!


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