OMEGA League: the spectacular OG vs. Team Secret match

Sep 05 2020 3 min read
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The battle of two titans near mount Olympus

We think that you were able to have a rest after the tense Team Nigma vs. Alliance match and are ready to dive into another analytics from Evgeny Kondratyev. This time, it's the most exciting match of the day - OG vs. Team Secret.

First map

Compared to the more unhurried Team Nigma vs. Alliance match, both Team Secret and OG jumped straight into the action, choosing a very intense pick. N0tail and Puppey chose Phantom Assassin and Lifestealer as their main carry, respectively, by adding other fighting heroes.

Team Secret relied on laning, and in fights, their pick was under individual control. OG offered several large spells at once, complete with buffs for MidOne.

Two main questions appeared: whether OG will be able to defend the lines well enough not to get caught in an avalanche of pressure and whether OG will be able to make their usual experiment as expressive two-time TI champions.

The start came out good enough for Nisha and his Void Spirit. Four kills in the first fifteen minutes. A 6.5k gold advantage served as a good cushion for Team Secret, but it didn't grow into a decisive map advantage. OG fought for all importance on the map. It was far from always successful for the two-time world champions, but the "exchanges" were in their favor.

A good fight took place at the twenty-eighth minute not far from Roshpit. Team Secret tried to break one big fight into several, but N0tail's excellent Reverse Polarity provided a flawless minus 4!

The game's final stage came when MidOne bought a remarkably timed Satanic, and Team Secret couldn't do anything about it. The Radiant throne fell at 33:54.

Team Secret vs OG Map 1 at OMEGA League

Second map

In the second map, OG took a confident, balanced pick, while Team Secret decided on an aggressive adventure. The Nature's Prophet - Templar Assassin duo couldn't make as much of an impact on the game as the 'well-fed' Morphling, so all-encompassing pressure was the only way. OG literally gave the midlane to the opponent, leaving Topson on Invoker against TA, making it harder to contain the opponent.

Team Secret got individual lessons from the last map, and they took a combination of Phoenix and Mars, which is a stable pair both on the lane and a severe factor in team fights. This strategy's weak point is the vulnerable Templar Assassin, as the Underlord is good at burning through her Refraction.

Despite some Nisha mistakes, Team Secret managed to come out ahead: the gold advantage was 8k in the twentieth minute. Then the pace slowed down a bit, but Puppey didn't lose control over the map.

After that, OG "got lost". Team Secret confidently finished the game in their favor, and it took all three maps to determine the winner in this series.

Team Secret vs OG Map 2 at OMEGA League

Third map

On the final map, the teams' pick was the opposite. Puppey's choice made it possible to play several styles at once and adapt well to the circumstances. OG remained loyal to their aggressive style and pick, which required a confident start.

Nisha went to the bottom lane on Void Spirit, MATUMBAMAN on Troll Warlord defended well against the signature Monkey King. As a result, Team Secret took the lead, closing all sorts of opportunities for a comeback.

Team Secret vs OG Map 3 at OMEGA League

Team Secret becomes the first Grand Finalist in the Immortal Division. Tomorrow they will face the winner of the OG vs. Team Nigma meeting in a best-of-five match. 

The final of the lower bracket will take place tomorrow at 15:00 CEST.


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