OMEGA League: Team of the Week 4

Sep 01 2020 3 min read

The final week of OMEGA League group stage has come to an end. We would like to show some love to the players who did very well during week 4.

The final week of OMEGA League group stage has come to an end, and before we see the culmination of the main Dota 2 tournament of this summer, we would like to show some love to the players who did very well during week 4.

Elmo (HellRaisers)

Elmo (HellRaisers)

Nikita Lomalin is not a new guy in our team of the week: we really loved his performance during week 2 and chose him as the best carry back then. Now he is back! HellRaisers played well during the group stage of the Divine Division in Europe with Cyberium Seed and B8 being their last two victims. 

We love to emphasize how important it is to stay alive for the position one players. During the last two matches, he only died thrice which is less than one death per map. Combine that with the huge hero damage (29,398 per map) and awesome average KDA of 15.12 and we have a strong contender for the MVP of the Europe Divine Division!

Qojqva (Team Liquid)

Qojqva (Team Liquid)

Maximilian Bröcker is our choice for the best position two player despite some fierce competition. While we witnessed some awesome performance from Egor "19teen" Lexutin from Team Unique and Michał "Nisha"Jankowski from Team Secret, it is the German core player of Team Liquid that did slightly better job in our opinion. Qojqva won his lane twice against Iceberg from FlyToMoon and managed to shutdown the agressive style of Topson and OG

We really appreciate not only the spectacular highlights but also confident and solid games which often becomes a crucial win condition. That's why we chose Qojqva for our team of the week.

Zai (Team Secret)

Zai (Team Secret)

Ludwig Wåhlberg is one of a few players that are expected to make our list on a regular basis. The unorthodox playstyle, awesome moves, and some mindblowing discoveries — we love the Swedish offlane player for all of that. 

This week he popularised an offlane Bloodseeker which seems to be a counter-intuitive yet overpowered combination. If you want to know more about it, we recommend you this video by Andrew Jenkins:

The play-off is a time where teams want to show some well reserved pocket strats and we expect some great surprises especially from such big brain squads as Team Secret. Don't miss it!

YapzOr (Team Secret)

YapzOr (Team Secret)

That is the second appearance for Yazied Jaradat in our team of the week, but unlike Elmo, the support from Team Secret managed to get this achievement twice in a row. To be honest, we are at a loss of words. His Rubick is... deadly? And Tiny is even deadlier?? And what about his dangerous and space creating Windranger??? Right now YapzOr is a strong contender for the MVP title of the whole OMEGA League and that is the best description of his impact on the game!

Miposhka (HellRaisers)

Miposhka (HellRaisers)

Much like Qojqva, Yaroslav Naidenov faced fierce competition for the title of the best full support player of the last week. While performances of Clement "Puppey" Ivanov, Aydin "iNSaNiA" Sarkohi, and Ivan "VANSKOR" Skorohod from Team Secret, Team Liquid, and Team Unique respectively warrant an hounorable mention, it is "the Russian HellRaiser" who caught our eye the most.

Solid warding, tons of healing and great impact in teamfights are the three pillars of great position five players. Last week Miposhka showed us all three. Great job!

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