OMEGA League: Team of the Week 2

Aug 18 2020 3 min read

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The second week of OMEGA League has been more intense than the first one: the European Immortal Division started and there have been quite a few spectacular matches. As for us, we are drawing some interim conclusions by celebrating the outstanding performances in these seven days (August 10 — 16) and making our Team of the Week 2.

Elmo (HellRaisers)

Elmo HellRaisers

We start with Nikita Lomalin. It might be a coincidence, but this is our second edition of team of the week and for the second time we have a stand-in player. Last time it was Sam_H who lit our hearts with an amazing performance with Neon Esports. This time it is Elmo, whose Faceless Void brought the fear and terror to his opponents. Nikita demolished both 5Comrades and Team Empire. Can you imagine, that during four maps Elmo died only thrice? Great job from the Russian carry player!

Honourable mention: Zaur «Cooman» Shakhmurzaev (Cyber Legacy). Unfortunately, Zaur did not play against Khan (and that's why we chose Elmo over him), but against Voldemort he was on fire: 16.33 average kills with 827 GPM and 838 XPM! Let's hope Cooman doesn't stop and keeps on his path of destruction!

Phoenix (Aster.Aries)

Phoenix Aster.Aries

Let's move to the Asian Division. Aster.Aries has won both their matches and secured first place in Group B. Yuan Cewei made a decisive contribution to these victories. Phoenix hadn't died in three maps out of five! Varied hero pool, high effectiveness and precise execution of his role — we will highlight these three qualities of the Chinese mid player.

Honourable mentions: Egor «19teen» Lexutin (Team Unique), Danil «gpk» Skutin (Evil Geniuses)

Funn1k (HellRaisers)

Funn1k HellRaisers

It was a very productive week for Gleb Lipatnikov: four heroes — four wins. If we had to choose the best map out of these, it would definitely be the second map against 5Comrades. His Magnus won the lane against Specre and Winter Wyvern. After that the Ukranian player could stop only after the ancient got destroyed. His final stats are 8/1/18.

Honourable mentions: Roman «RAMZES666» Kushnarev (Evil Geniuses) and Vasily «AfterLife» Shishkin (EXTREMUM).

Cr1t- (Evil Geniuses)

Cr1t- Evil Geniuses

When we speak about the importance of Andreas Nielsen for Evil Geniuses, we have to quote Donnie «Elevated» Chell: «Pretty sure that the most consistent way to beat EG is to shut down Crit in the early game. Every time that EG looks super dominant it's almost always on the back of insane 4 position impact and intelligent lane matchups».

The first map against 5men, the Danish player won almost solo. His Tiny was like an unleashed grizzly bear, murderous and unstoppable! 14 kills, 3 deaths and 15 assists — for a position four player, these numbers are not simply good, they are marvelous! The roaming Pangolier by Cr1t- was no worse. Although his teammates came in the spotlight, we really appreciate some well-done stats like 8599 hero healing and 21 assists. Outstanding performance!

Fly (Evil Geniuses)

Fly Evil Geniuses

Finally we would like to honour Tal Aizik. While his supporting teammate was busy destroying everything on the map, Fly confidently did his job. Several excellent mass ultimates, a huge amount of healing and minimum of unforced errors — this week the Israeli player did a great job.

* * *

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