OMEGA League: Team of the Week 1

Aug 11 2020 3 min read

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The first full week of OMEGA League has come to an end, and now it is time for a summary. We had some fierce battles during the Closed Qualifiers in Europe, while the Asian division has recently gained some serious momentum.

We decided to highlight the players who showed outstanding performances in our league before August 9. Meet our team of the week!

Ace (5men)

Ace (5men)

If we had to name MVP of week 1, it would be Marcus Hoelgaard. 5men dominated the European Closed Qualifier, losing only one map out of nine. While the whole team showed superb performances, the Danish carry player managed to stand out even in such a situation. He had the best KDA during week 1 and no one managed to come close to him. Beware of Troll Warlord under control of Ace: he hasn't died more than thrice, which is a really good result for position one.

We should also honourably mention Skem from Neon Esports and Shad from both carry players did have great impact on their team's success, so ignoring them would be simply criminal.

Yopaj (Neon Esports)

Yopaj (Neon Esports)

Let's move to Asia. One of the three teams who hadn't tasted the bitterness of a loss in a single match during week 1 was Neon Esports. Seven maps, six victories, and Erin Ferrer as one of the creators of such an outstanding result. His Earth Spirit in the middle lane caught opponents by surprise: 11/4/32 and 17/4/24 speak for themselves. If Yopaj won the early game, the outcome was known: Neon Esports would simply snowball their opponents out. Spectacular performance from the Filipino player!

Sam_H (Neon Esports)

Sam_H (Neon Esports)

Despite the fact that Sam_H decided on his own initiative to leave Neon Esports, Sam Hidalgo showed a decent performance. Stable and efficient offlane play is something that Neon Esports will lack when this player leaves. Needless to say, today the team lost without Sam_H, and that fact only added weight to the game of the Filipino offlaner.

Bignum (Cyber Legacy)

Bignum (Cyber Legacy)

Although Cyber Legacy failed to get into Immortal Division, we were impressed by Danil Shehovtsov's performance. No opponent in Closed Qualifiers could cope with his Rubick, and Phoenix also ruined the plans of opponents. His best match was against Team Empire: Bignum finished him with an average KDA of 32.5! Just two deaths for a player in the fourth position is a very high result that could not be ignored.

PieLieDie (5men)

PieLieDie (5men)

Johan Astrom completes our team of the week. We are used to the fact that the full support position requires self-sacrifice and is expressed in a large number of deaths. That was not the case with 5men this past week. In just two of the nine maps, PieLieDie was sent to the tavern five or more times. That shows that you can be really effective without losing all your health points. The fact that Johan has 77 average last hits per game also shows that the entire team in general, and the support in particular, are very competent in allocating resources. It would be very interesting to watch 5men in Immortal Division.

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