OMEGA League studio — reporting from the scene

Sep 01 2020 3 min read
WePlay! Esports

Preparing a camera obscura, directing torch light, capturing images on jugs

Hello, dear sons of Zeus and daughters of Demetra! 

Your humble sophist from the WePlay! Esports house is here, and today I will be your guide to the tournament's backstage, which eclipsed even Olympia with its brilliant shine.

Meet the OMEGA League and the wonders that happen here!

OMEGA League stage

This is what the speakers' lodge looks like: only the best was prepared for them!

Food at OMEGA League
Food at OMEGA League
Food at OMEGA League
Food at OMEGA League

Overseas food was brought from distant lands to satisfy the delicate tastes of Ancient Greece talents.

OMEGA League talents BanKs and TeaGuvnor

Great minds always come up with new ideas, so they cannot do without debate here. But this is not a city forum, but a cultural lodge, so discussion proceeds quietly and peacefully.

OMEGA League talents TeaGuvnor and BSJ

"Once I was walking along the streets of Crete on my business, I started thinking of new ideas, and then WOW — a minotaur jumped out in front of me. It was big, like thaaaat...

OMEGA League talent TeaGuvnor

"But the minotaur lived on Minos ..."

OMEGA League talent Sheever

Agamemnon and Menelaus razed Troy to the ground for the sake of such a smile. Everything is civilized at the OMEGA League, but Aphrodite herself would envy this beauty.

OMEGA League talents TeaGuvnor and Tsunami

If you go further into a dark corner of the event, you can see how the sages watch what is happening through the camera obscura.

OMEGA League talent Tsunami

This is what the winner of the "Best Beard of Athens 2020 BCE" looks like.

OMEGA League talent Jenkins

Speakers have heard about the formidable Nordic warriors called Vikings, and are trying to figure out who they are and what they are.

OMEGA League talent Rich Campbell
OMEGA League talent SirActionSlacks

Teams from all over the world have gathered for the OMEGA League speakers' seals of approval...

OMEGA League talent ODPixel
OMEGA League talent Cap

... but not everyone deserves this honor.

OMEGA League talents Lacoste and LizZard
OMEGA League talent SirActionSlacks

The wrath of God will descend on those guilty! "Oh, great Zeus, punish your disobedient children!"

OMEGA League Zeus statue
OMEGA League Mars statue

The majestic statues of the finest Pentelian marble represent the gods and inspire awe.

OMEGA League Zeus statue

The names of those who will receive their blessing will become known very soon! 

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