OMEGA League interview: Lasse Aukusti "MATUMBAMAN" Urpalainen

Sep 02 2020 8 min read

We've discussed Matu's boat and Lycan random pick

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August 20, 2020 (after winning over Ninjas in Pyjamas with the 2:0 score)

Matumbaman: “Hello, I’m doing good.”

Sheever: “Congratulations on that win, first of all. And normally, we go very in-depth, you know, theoretical questions: how was this game of Dota 2, how hard was it. But I just want to know how you are doing in this current situation? It’s been quite the adjustment over the last few months from your previous lifestyle. How are you, Matu?”

Matumbaman: “I’m alright. I have some facial hair growing right now in these trouble-some corona-times. I had a nice vacation, came back to play some Dota. Yesterday I felt for the first time. I’m kind of catching up with my old self, like two months ago when I was playing really good. But now I’m starting to feel it again. I’m quite lost in a few weeks after the vacation.”

Kyle: “What did you do on vacation? Tell us about your boat.”

[everyone laughs]

Matumbaman: “I mean, we already had this conversation.”

Kyle: “Nobody knows.”

Matumbaman: “Well, I went sailing quite a bit, for like, two weeks. It was good times: drank some rum, all that good s**t.”

Slacks: “Two weeks?!”

Kyle: “He’s a pirate. That’s the whole explanation.”

Sheever: “No, he’s a sea captain. Remember four anchors? He’s a sea captain.”

Slacks: “Yeah, admiral Kunka is not a pirate, he’s an admiral, he’s just a man at sea who enjoys rum, he’s not a pirate. Right, Matumbaman? You’re not a pirate. You wouldn’t hurt anyone.”

Sheever: “Well, don’t tell that to NIP.”

Matumbaman: “I won’t tell.”

Slacks: “He’s not answering!”

Matumbaman: “Let’s get to the next part.”

[everyone laughs]

Slacks: “Great interview. Matu, how’s it feel to be back on the signature Lycan? That must be fun for you. I know back in the Manila Major, you told us that it is your favorite hero to play. Are you still just happy to play Lycan as you were back then? Three years ago, I think.”

Matumbaman: “It turned out to be pretty easy. I didn’t play him quite like I played one game after my vacation, and Lycan pick itself was actually a random pick. We ran out of time…”

Slacks: “No!”

Matumbaman: “We weren’t supposed to pick Lycan, and then the lightning just popped on the screen, and I was like, ‘Oh, we actually got a decent hero.”

Sheever: “Wait, what? Is it that serious? That was a random pick?”

Matumbaman: “That was random to Lycan.”

[Kyle laughs]

Matumbaman: “It was completely random.”

Slacks: “How much luck do you have?”

Kyle: “Matu, what you didn’t hear was BSJ loving that Lycan pick and talking about how amazing of a move that was.”

Matumbaman: “Good analysis, guys. It’s impressive from BSJ especially, for sure. It’s something like a hundred in ten chances to get it. Maybe, even less, because a few heroes were banned.”

Slacks: “Oh, that’s fascinating.”

Sheever: “Great! I am actually happy for this little bit of information. Any other random heroes during today’s games?”

Matumbaman: “No, this was the first time for our team, randoming a hero. It just blundered it, but, you know, it happens. Even for people at TI.”

Slacks: “Yeah, it’s true — shoutout to our boy iNSaNiA. I do have one final question, if I may. You’re a worldly guy, you’ve traveled a lot. You’ve spent two weeks on a boat alone.”

Sheever: “Why is he alone?”

Kyle: “He had friends.”

Slacks: “Oh, yeah, he had friends. Okay, sorry, I just assumed from the beard. Can I show you a cut, and you can tell me if it’s infected?”

Sheever: “Alright, I’ll show you a difference.”

Slacks: “Alright, alright, sorry.”

Sheever: “Cutting Slacks from the panel right now. Thank you, Matu.”

Kyle: “He said, go for it!”

Sheever: “What? Can you actually see us, Matu? [pause] He can see us.”

Slacks: “Ok, I can’t show that on Twitch.”

Sheever: “I don’t think we can show it on Twitch.”

[everyone laughs]

Slacks: “I’ll show you later, Matu.”

Sheever: “Yeah, check your DMs.”

Slacks: “I’ll slide into those DMs to show you my dope cut.”

Sheever: “Alright, thank you for your time, Matu, and we hope to see you playing again very soon.”


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