OMEGA League interview: Johan "N0tail" Sundstein

Sep 05 2020 8 min read

“EG - super s**t, Secret’s really good, let’s go!”

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September 3, 2020 (after winning over Team Nigma with the 2:0 score)

N0tail: "Hello!"

Sheever: "Hey! Congratulations, first of all!"

N0tail: "Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Sheever: "Alright, I have a question. Group stage vs. Playoffs. This felt a lot more clean. Group stage is a little bit of diving fountains at times, perhaps. Does it feel different for you guys, as well, just playing it now that it's playoffs over group stage?"

N0tail: "I don't think it feels different for us. Maybe, for some of them they feel a little different. I think we treat them all like official games. Official games have been a rarity in the past six months for us or for a long time. We cherish each one of these opportunities we get to play real games. Yeah, it doesn't feel too different, no. Such games, playoff games, all the games really matter to us."

Slacks: "That time that you dove the fountain three with that Gyrocopter that was a very, you know, that's the OG style, right? No joking at all."

N0tail: "I think when you see that, yeah, exactly, when you see that - that means we wanna win. That is how we do it. When you see us maybe playing...I don't know, this game didn't really feel as if we're holding back. It didn't feel any different. Actually, we tried to stop killing the throne at the end, to wait for… We wanted to kill MC [MinD_ContRoL] very last moment, but yeah, it was good. We had a lot of fun. Yeah, diving fountain is good, man. It's good for the next game. That's what I said."

Slacks: "Thank you."

Lacoste: "Can you tell me what Topson was saying when he goes in without a single defensive item on his Void Spirit. What is he saying? Or is he just being silent and going in?"

N0tail: "Funny enough. He didn't say s**t. Yeah, he didn't say s**t. We had to get it from MidOne saying, 'Oh, look, this guy is maybe killing this guy.' There was one time when he didn't do it, and I ended up dying, but yeah, he was, actually, very quiet for how good of a game he was having. I think he was just enjoying some Void Spirit Dota."

Sheever: "Did you have some flashbacks playing against Team Nigma in this series? We're reminiscing from last year's grand finals of TI9."

N0tail: "Yeah, Nigma, and their Tide Hunter, what can I say? It's always good to play with them, though. It's always good to play them. I would give them props for the game one for trying to beat the isle strat, but i don't think they had the right lineup. But game two was classic - us running at each other a lot, both teams - they want blood."

Sheever: "Yeah, it was nice."

Slacks: "Just a quick question about playing support, especially with the Venge [Vengeful Spirit]. Does Venge feel kinda rewarding at this time, in this particular patch? Because somebody's supports it's so bad when you die, but Venge - it must be so much fun to die. And also, to swap your insane Void Spirit, who's diving too far and try to get him back? What do you feel playing that?"

N0tail: "I definitely love Venge more than I did in the past. I think the past Venge was, even though a strong hero, a boring concept. Now with double swap and aura, there's more things you can do with her. And then the aura allowing you to respawn - it's definitely a lot of fun, but it's a bit of love and hates thing because you're always sourly reminded that you're just an illusion. They haven't any chance to take you and stuff, and you can't click any spell. So, yeah, you're like half-alive…"

Slacks: "I know that feel."

N0tail: "So you're 0/13/23, still wins the game, still did my job. Lovely, man, lovely hero. Some fights, though, when I get blinked epid by MC, I think we're hating a lot on each other this game. I'm dying, and I'm so… I see the illusion spawning, and then it's dying to the ep. I have this small hope that 40 seconds of joy might come my way, but now the illusion died when MC went out. But fun hero right now. But sad."

Sheever: "I have one question regarding the next series. I hope that you can share some of your insights because we're going to watch Secret taking on EG. And I was hoping that you had some words for that."

N0tail: "EG - super s**t, Secret's really good, let's go!"


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