OMEGA League interview: Jesse "JerAx" Vainikka

Sep 04 2020 9 min read

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We also take into account the desires of those who cannot watch the broadcast live but don't want to miss all the interesting moments. In addition to the VODs, we have prepared a transcript of the interviews for you. You can quickly read the essence without watching the video (but we will be pleased if you watch it).

September 3, 2020.

Sheever: “We’re talking to JerAx.”

JerAx: “I hope so.”

[Slacks screaming]

Sheever: “How are you doing?”

JerAx: “Pretty good - excited for “ex-TI finals.”

Sheever: “Yeah! First of all, we haven’t talked in, like, forever. So, how is the “retired” life?”

JerAx: “Comfortable. I can say that it is not a lot of stress, so I have to put the stress on myself somehow. Right now, I’m trying to get my house ready for a house-warming party for my friends on Saturday. I’ve been doing some other stuff. I’ve started playing Valorant...”

Slacks [fake coughing]: “Cool.”

[everyone laughs]

Lacoste: “Yeah, I wanted to ask how’s that going? Are you trying to be a pro at Valorant or what?”

JerAx: “Not really. I’m aiming very low right now. I’m probably as bad as Slacks is at dota.”

Slacks: “Oh, that’s very sweet of you! I’m glad to hear that you’re working on stuff, JerAx. I hear most people die only a few years after retirement. So, it’s good to know that you’re grinding and stuff.”

JerAx: “So, like, one year or more left.”

Sheever: “One year!”

Slacks: “It’s been a great ride, Jerry.”

Sheever: “There is a little bit of history/tradition for Dota 2 ex-pros that retired that come back.”

Slacks: “Oh, come on, Sheevs.”

Sheever: “Is there anything… Do you have it? I know that many Dota 2 players, even if they say “oh, I’m not going to play dota this week,” you know, the “itch” is still there. Do you still have that?”

JerAx: “Well, I haven’t played Dota since last August. Something like those LANs.”

Slacks: “Hell yeah!”

JerAx: “I’m not really coming back, so…But I’m back here, at the stream. As every pro-player did, ending up in being an analyst. I’m somewhere getting closer there again. No, I’m not. I’m just kidding.”

Sheever: “You’re welcome any time. We’re also... At the moment, we’re at Mount Olympus, we’re “the gods,” but I remember us calling you a god multiple times, so you’re welcome at this Mount Olympus at any point if you want. I’m very curious to hear your thoughts on the upcoming match [talking about OG vs. Team Nigma match]. I know the rosters are a little bit different than last year when you were playing. But the hype is still there. And I’m curious about your thoughts on the form of both - your former team OG and current Nigma.”

JerAx: “Yes, the fundamentals of the teams haven’t really changed, I think. I’ve been watching most of their replays for the draft and some of their games. I honestly think we’ll kind of see the same teams as before. But then, obviously, Dota has changed quite a bit since back then, so I think it’s just like minor details added on general fundamentals of the teams.”

Lacoste: “You said you didn’t play Dota since August last year, but are you still watching pro Dota?”

JerAx: “Yes, I’m watching a little bit. I found it interesting to see how the game develops. Because, honestly, Dota doesn’t change that much over time. I mean, I’ve started playing Dota, like, ten years ago, and there are still similar players and similar drafts. Kind of similar themes how you’re playing the game because it’s a puzzle that people figured out in a way, but then it keeps changing. They have to reinvent the same stuff that they figured out back then.”

Lacoste: “The honest: if Earth Spirit gets buffs, are you coming back?”

Slacks: “Chill, chill.”

[everyone laughs]

Slacks: “So, you just laugh - that’s very concerning.”

Sheever: “That is neither confirm nor deny.”

Slacks: “JerAx, I feel like I know you very well…”

JerAx: “Mm, yeah, exactly.”

Slacks: “Yes, and I saw a lot of replays from you or a lot of in-game chats from you. And out of all players on the booths, for the last two or three TIs, you’re one of the only people who’s the real psycho. He’s the only one who chases someone down laughing, laughing as he murdered them, over and over and then laughing about afterward and then immediately saying ‘I’m going to kill them again’ and laughing again. You’re a nightmare, sir. You’re terrifying, and I’m glad that you’re out [laugh]”

JerAx: “I’m very glad. I’m very glad I can do this in video-game instead of getting it somewhere else.”

Sheever: “Okay! On that note, let’s head over to the draft. I believe JerAx will go with camera two on the panel. Thank you for answering our questions, JerAx. We hope to hear more of you on the non-psychopath path. Thank you.”


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