OMEGA League Interview: Danil "Dendi" Ishutin

Sep 01 2020 8 min read

Dendi's goals with the current roster and his feeling about TI being cancelled this year.

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August 19, 2020.

Rich: "Dendi, it's been a while since...I think it was back at the Bukovel Minor last time I actually got to talk to you. Congratulations on your win. We're very excited to take a little bit of your time. I just wanted to ask, Dani, how do you feel about the roster right now? How's everything coming up together?"

Dendi: "Hey, everybody! What's up? How is everyone doing? I hope you guys are having fun. We're on the road to building. We're still in progress, learning a lot of things. We did some improvements with time, but then we've had a break lately for one and a half weeks. We're coming back into hard mode practice and stuff like this. I'm satisfied with my boys, very nice guys. So far, it's just a road for us, like a learning road."

Rich: "One of my questions is - all of us view you as such a legend, and I don't think very often we think about now when you're forming a team, you're on the road to learning, as you said. Who do you look to as a legend? Is there anybody on a scene that you're looking at? Any teams, in particular? "Okay, I like how they're drafting, I like their approach to the meta." Or do you figure it out on your own?"

Dendi: "Obviously, we're looking at everyone, I would say. Everything that we can find out, which is strong or we can use, or fits us - we will definitely abuse. And also I have some ideas myself. Sometimes we pop out with something crazy. It's the fun of Dota that you can make everything work, right?"

Kyle: "Speaking of "something crazy and anything can work" - when will we bring back the Pudge mid?"

Dendi: "Yeah! I'm waiting for this time myself! [pause] I don't know; this hero looks a bit underpowered right now at middle lane. I think it definitely needs some buffs. I hope they're coming...very strong buffs. And I can start playing this hero again and enjoy destroying some people's patience."

Tsunami: "My question is: I know for a lot of Dota players this month in August, it's a very weird feeling not having The International this year. So, I was wondering for you, who's been a part of it for so long, either winning it, playing it, Open AI - all that stuff. How did you feel this August? Are you just happy to be able to still play Dota with your boys right now, or you kind of missing that "crowd feel" a little bit?"

Dendi: "Of course, I'm super-missing TI, I'm super-missing tournaments overall. I'm happy we have tournaments at all right now at this time. I hope everyone's enjoying watching some Dota. Overall, the community going… I'm happy about that but definitely miss those LANs. It was like a birthday party every year, you know? Like a long, long birthday party that everyone was waiting for. So, of course, I'm a little bit sad. At the same time, maybe, things will change to better pretty soon. Let's hope for it and work towards it."

Rich: "When you talk about working towards something - the last question that I wanted to ask - what are you working towards with this team? What's your overall goal, or your aspirations are just to take down TI? What are you trying to do with this squad?"

Dendi: "Well, definitely, our hopes are very high. It's a long way to grow to that level, but we want to be a top contender, of course, grow to that level and fight with the best, beat everybody. But, I guess it's a pretty hard task. There is a lot to do to archive it."

Rich: "Yeah, there definitely is, but hey, you got another win under your belt. Thank you very much for giving us a little bit of time to chat with you, Dendi."

Dendi: "Thank you very much, guys."

* * *

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