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Aug 01 2020 3 min read

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Let’s imagine that you’re an ancient Greek somewhere in the middle of the 2nd century BC. The hype about the Olympic Games is all over the place, and all the nations came to peace during these times. 

But there is one small difference in the Olympics: an arena with a lot of metal boxes and weird serious guys sitting in their chairs in front of these boxes, screaming unknown words at devices put on their heads. The sign nearby says: Dota 2 tournament, OMEGA League. And the list shows us many teams that are divided into regions and Divisions.

All your neighbors and relatives came to watch these players compete, trying to divine the team worthy of the main prize and blessings of the Olympic Gods.

Speaking of Gods: in this game, there are plenty of popular Gods and creatures, rumors of whom are spreading everywhere now. Look, they even put statues of these in-game heroes in the arena! We can see mighty Zeus, the main Olympian god; dangerous but poor Medusa, legends that can still be heard from every corner. And Roman Mars as a symbol of peace between all the nations around the world during the Olympic Games.

You are all discussing these trendy-looking people who are sitting at the panels and discussing the games. They’re well-known performers whose talents were blessed by the Olympic Gods and appreciated by Ancient Greece’s high society.

You’re well prepared for August 1st because it’s when all the action begins. You already know all the teams that will play this new but fascinating discipline. What’s more intriguing is that you have no idea who will be the best in each division. In other disciplines, it’s evident that the strongest or the fastest will be victorious. But here… Only Gods know how these smart guys will become champions. It’s by their will and leadership these players will be able to get the solid part of prize money.

And now, you truly and deeply regret that you didn’t try your hand during the OMEGA League Open Qualifiers. But maybe someday, if you don’t miss it again, you may be among the lucky ones, sitting in front of these not so scary metal boxes called computers and screaming to your teammates: “Ceeeeeeb” or “Win a TI before you talk”. And all of your relatives and friends will be watching you competing for the huge money prize and the Dota 2 champion title.


You know that we always do everything at our tournaments to make you comfortable, not only to listen to but also to watch our broadcasts. Be sure to join the live streams starting August 1st. We will provide full immersion in high-quality Dota 2 and the atmosphere of Ancient Greece:

All the details about format, prize pool, divisions and teams are here:


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