Oil King says Street Fighter V top tier needs shuffling

Jan 08 2020 2 min read

Oil King says Street Fighter V top tier needs shuffling ⚡⚡⚡ Esports and gaming news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

Rashid has been topping tier lists in Street Fighter V since Season 2. Now that we've had Season 5 for a few weeks, it's clear he's still at the very top. 

In an interview with Eventhubs during Capcom Cup 2019, Li-Wei "Oil King" Lin said that Street Fighter V needs to change up its top tier characters because its a bit overdue. This statement coming from a Rashid main is interesting. Especially since he's willing to stick with Rashid even if the character gets nerfed. Of course, how bad the nerf is will determine how frequently and in what situations he would use the wind wielder. 

The UYU player was one of the best Rashid players in last year's Capcom Pro Tour circuit, eventually securing a spot for himself at Capcom Cup 2019, where he finished in 9th place. In Oil King's opinion, Season 4 was the best yet for Street Fighter V, and though he hopes Season 5 is even better, he understands that that level of consistency isn't easy for fighting games to maintain.

"I think Season 4 has been the most balanced season of them all so far. I hope the next Season gets even better balance, but I know it's very, very hard in fighting games," he said. 

The Taiwanese pro has also taken an interest in becoming an esports personality, turning his shorts and oil slick hair into a part of his brand. Even his use of Rashid is, hence his desire to keep playing the character in some way or form if he ever makes a freefall down the Street Fighter V tier ladder. 

"I think if he is nerfed a lot, I might try other characters, but I will try to find some matchups where Rashid can play." 

With the introduction of two new characters and game-changing V-Skil 2 techniques, the charismatic player must now adapt to an evolving meta before Capcom Pro Tour 2020 begins in March. 


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