OG win Elimination Mode 2.0

Nov 25 2016 2 min read
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OG have won Elimination Mode 2.0 after defeating Evil Geniuses 3-2 in the Grand Finals.

Elimination Mode is played using a twist on Captain's Mode, and allows each hero to be played or banned once per series. Additionally, Elimination Mode allows the community to vote on 10 additional heroes that will be banned out per day.

As a result, in a normal best-of-three series, that means there was only be 62 picks by the third game. In the best-of-five Grand Finals between EG and OG, both teams had a pool of 22 heroes to pick from in Game 5, leaving only Techies and Gyrocopter unpicked in the series.

OG's final lineup consisted of Enigma, Lina, Ancient Apparition, Spirit Breaker and Lone Druid, while EG's lineup was Winter Wyvern, Windranger, Doom, Lich and Visage. Both teams secured a 10k net worth lead at different points in the 86 minute game, but OG were able to take the series with the help of Mega Creeps.

With the win, OG take home $10,000 of the $20,000 prize pool. Both OG and EG can next be seen at The Boston Major, which is set to begin on Dec. 3.




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