Odium loses 2 players

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Odium loses 2 players

GeneRaL and V-Tune are out of the team

Lil’s experiment with team building has shown a considerable crack – GeneRaL and V-Tune are out of Odium. Official Twitter account of the team posted a short message indicating that those two players are out.

Odium’s offlaner Ghostik later tweeted:

“We’ve decided to finish playing in the remaining tournament with standins, then we’ll see. Extremely disappointed”.  

GeneRaL also tweeted words of gratitude towards his former teammates:

I would like to thank Ghostikdota, Lil, Semion and Alik for the time we had together! It was nice playing with you. Best of luck, Odium!

At this moment team Odium consists of Ghostik, former member of Team Empire, ex-NaVi captain Lil and CemaTheSlayer, who is officially a B-teamer on Vega Squadron. The squad lacks a mider and a carry.

We don’t want to speculate on possible reasons why Odium lost two players so early in the season because they are too much on the nose and can’t be supported by facts. We’re only hoping Lil can power through and find suitable players to fill the roster gaps for WePlay! Reshuffle Madness that starts tomorrow.

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