nV shut down Dignitas 2-0 and moved to the semifinals

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The French team is to face Na`Vi in DreamHack Masters Malmö semifinals

Team EnVyUs have ended the Danish dream by sweeping Team Dignitas during the DreamHack Masters Malmö quarterfinals. The Frenchmen move on to face Natus Vincere in the semifinals, while Dignitas have been eliminated.

With Dignitas' exit, and Astralis' elimination during the Group Stage, there are no more Danish teams in the tournament.

The first map of the series of Dignitas’ choice on Inferno and they took a strong 10-5 half. Kjaerbye was playing out of his mind, pulling out some sick aim and reaction time.

And some devious mind games, with a “ninja defuse.”

However, nV ran away with the second half after taking the pistol round. Dignitas only took two more rounds before EnVy closed their comeback with a 16-12.

Dignitas were on the back foot after losing their map and the Frenchmen kept up the pressure on their map choice, Mirage. That’s actually a bit of an understatement as nV went up 14-1 on their CT-side — kennyS did kennyS things.

Dignitas made a comeback during their CT-side, taking six straight rounds, but they lost too much in the first half. nV closed the map with two more rounds and a 16-8 scoreline.

Team EnVyUs move on to DreamHack Masters Malmö’s semifinal to face Natus Vincere, while Team Dignitas have been eliminated.


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